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Big Bad Bronze Raesk

Bonded: 12-03-11
Bonding: Half Price Day Gift — Grimm
Rank: Bronze
Gender: Male

Yeah, there’s a chance that T’Rae might not ever meet a meaner Wher. Raesk is big and hulking, packed full of muscle and strength, and oh, does he know it. He knows his own strength, and he knows how to use it, and he will use it shamelessly. He’s not going to treat his bonded or anyone else with kid gloves, and why should he? His view on life is simple — piss him off and get your face ripped off. See? Simple. To the point. Perfectly understandable with no grey areas or confusion. The only thing that might have any actual control over Raesk would be a dragon… but even that is unlikely. He’s powerful, dominant, and won’t take shit from anyone. And oh, will he rule T’Rae’s clan of Wher’s with an iron fist; it doesn’t matter if there’s a higher ranking Wher in the bunch, he is the leader. And he will beat anyone into submission if they so much as think about challenging him. Submissive Whers are best kept around Raesk, as he can be perfectly fine with those that know their proper place and don’t try to dominate in his presence. It is also smartest to not let Raesk near any shiny or person that tries to harm T’Rae — the Bronze can, and will, be overly protective of his bonded. And he always seems to have a sixth sense about him, and often knows well in advance if someone is meaning harm, be it physical or emotional. There will be little training that will stop the lord from attacking when he wants to.

Surprisingly, however, Raesk will be perfectly calm around those that are T’Rae’s friends or companions that don’t mean any harm. He’ll doubtlessly take a liking to a few, too, though the chance of him ever getting as protective towards them as he is to T’Rae is slim. Of course, think you understand Raesk and can predict his patterns and he’s likely to go off and surprise the hell out of everyone. Do not underestimate him.

He’s going to be on the big side for a Bronze. Large, muscular, and vicious, he will end up with more than his fair share of scars. Beyond that, though, he’s rather nice to look at, assuming he’s not trying to rip off your face. Bronze and gold mix nicely over his frame, turning into something paler over his stomach and throat. In no time at all, there will be thin and not-so-thin cuts of white dotting him, the jagged lines of scars standing out bright against his hide.

Mindspeak: Italic #B5A642

Obsidian Vol'jisk

Bonded: 05-30-13
Bonding: Birthday Gift — Geoffrey
Rank: Obsidian

Thickened Blood Ruby Gruosk

Bonded: 12-03-11
Bonding: Half Price Day Gift — Gatsby
Rank: Ruby
Gender: Female

Extremely entitled, though a Queen she is not, this Wher isn’t one to ever back down. She’ll try as she might though, to even assert herself over the higher ranks and even her handler. With the aggression to rival any Lord, Gruosk isn’t one to be easily tamed. The only way to get anywhere with this Ruby is to convince her that it was her idea to begin with. She’s proud and ambitious for a Wher, so as long as it’s on her own terms she’ll get everything done. But, she also has a mean streak a mile wide. Upset her even the slightest, and she’s likely to lash out with those claws of hers. Treat her like the Queen she feels she is and, well, no she’s still likely to rough you up a bit only when you’re not expecting it. The vicious cruelty of the Ruby seems boundless. While she can mother a clutch, she probably shouldn’t. Or at least she shouldn’t be allowed near the eggs. Gruosk would no sooner dash them against rocks than nurse them to hatching if they so much as sit the wrong way in her nest. Yes, she is just a bit obsessive. You’ll often find her cleaning and cleaning her paws over and over, especially after she’s stuck a claw or two in you. It’s a nervous habit; for all her angry purpose, this Ruby seems unhinged. Sometimes, it seems as though nothing as set her off at all. She’s just off, lunging after humanoids, shinies, inanimate objects, you name it. At least, she’s not prejudiced?

“Come, you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts! Unsex me here, and fill me from the crown to the toe top full of direst cruelty; make thick my blood, stop up the access and passage to remorse, that no compunctious visitings of nature shake my fell purpose, nor keep peace between the effect and it!”

Whers may be ugly, bulky creatures but no one ever said they couldn’t be regal. She’s not cute, that’s for sure. Standing at a good 5’ 10” and well over 700lbs, she’s more than bulky. However, regal is precisely what Gruosk is. She carries her mashed snout high in the air, appearing as though she’s looking down at everything and everyone even if her whirring eyes can’t actually see very well. Her skin wrinkles around her snout and neck; it bags around her joints. But with as smooth as it is, she looks draped in plush velvet rather than wearing skin a size too large. At its base, this Ruby’s hide is a rich merlot, undulating from darker to lighter along the length of her body as though she just crawled out of a cask of wine herself. The only blots marring her steady coloring are a few dashes of red across her forepaws, the rusty shade of dried blood. Even her wingsails match her wine-stained body, as dainty and petite as they are. Gruosk’s small wings seem more a lady-like decoration than anything; they will certainly never hold her in flight. On those nights when the air is particularly dense, she may be able to glide a yard or two but never more than that. It suits her fine, though, not flying and certainly never running headlong in chase. She stalks her prey on foot, surprises them with a claw stabbed through their back. Her two-toed paws end in curled daggers and she certainly knows how to use them!

Mindspeak: Italic #A1031D

The Snake Emerald Sylesk

Bonded: 12-01-11
Bonding: Watch Well Watch Wher — Saiph
Rank: Emerald
Gender: Female

Vividly-colored, low-slung and longer than your average Wher, this Emerald even looks like a force to be reckoned with. Her hide is pebbled and rough, not quite scaled and not quite warty but not…wholly smooth, rather tough and resistant to puncture or most harm once she grows a little. Brilliantly green, she's pretty much impossible to miss if she's not in the canopy or among brightly-colored leaves; and, much like many poisonous plants and animals, she advertises her danger rather than disguises it. As brightly green as spring leaves over most of her rough hide, she's not very mottled in color; instead, the near-lime shade darkens only vaguely along her topline and brightens slightly to chartreuse along her undersides. The only notable color-change transpires across her lengthy wingsails, which are an oddly-warm shade of lime-flesh green, a vague contrast to the overbright tones of the rest of this lean Emerald. Lean she is, too! Those muscles are slinky and whipcord, over her bandy-legged form, not quite as obviously impressive as many specimens among Whers. Sporting a neck and tail that are quite impressively long, she almost certainly outstrips the largest of Whers in terms of length…but in wingspan and height, she is lacking. 5'4" is positively tiny for her rank, though she's a surprisingly heavy-for-her-size 625lbs on a good day. For all her long lines and lean muscles, this Emerald isn't the most impressive of fliers; her short wingsails are excellent for gliding down from a height, but her long neck and tail make normal flight ungainly. Still, on the ground she is quite speedy, possibly-unmatched and oh! When she strikes, seemingly out of a dead sleep, or even out of a run — she can be unstoppable.

With a kind of sleepy calm surrounding this brightly-colored Emerald, you could almost discount her warning-colors as a fluke; a mistake made by nature, since those half-lidded eyes surely denote more a torpid beast than a deadly predator, right? …wrong. Not 'antisocial' as far as Whers go, this bright beauty is nonetheless not entirely friendly by Human standards. She chooses to keep herself in check, most of the time, by way of just…not doing much. She doesn't make many noises around strangers, doesn't really give any signal as to what she's thinking, and may in fact be asleep sometimes. Make no mistake about it, though — she still knows. With deadly accuracy, this Emerald trusts her instincts as any good member of her rank would, and she's generally right. She's damn good at going from a dead sleep to pinning one of your Fisi to the ground as soon as it starts thinking about pulling shenanigans on you; and once her mind is made up about somebody or something, it's best to remove it from her presence before she takes care of it. Biblically. Fire and brimstone have nothing on that maw full of sharp, sharp, sharp teeth or those rending claws when she's in a full tear. Beware the angry Sylesk! Hell and all its' demons hath no fury like an enraged Wher whose sensibilities have been infringed on. Mostly, that would be when you are threatened. If she senses a threat, she takes care of it. It doesn't matter where that threat comes from. She doesn't trust your other shinies, your friends, your mate — anybody. Don't try and reason with her, either. She's absolutely untrainable in that sense; while she will take as well as might be expected with such a generally-sleepy beast to training, you'll never convince her that she's wrong. She Knows things, and if you don't believe her, too bad. Good luck keeping her from eviscerating the threat!

Speech: Italic #3DC104

Love Bites Sapphire T'Rask

Bonded: ??-??-??
Bonding: Well Wishes and Watch Whers — Grimm; Description — Katusmi
Rank: Sapphire
Gender: Male

All Over You - Spill Canvas

Yeah, he's a looker,
but I really think it's guts that matter most.
I displayed them for you,
strewn out about from coast to coast.

This Sapphire is, as far as Sapphires go, on the smaller end of the spectrum. His body is heavily-muscled, stocky, and he's longer than he is tall with a wide barrel chest and large paws. His wings are much too large for his body, but he carries them as if they weren't at all heavy or awkward, and his shoulder muscle are well developed because of it. His head is square for a Wher, and his muzzle short and actually rather flat- he's not very attractive, with a look similar to what you'd expect something with a tendency to slam into glass doors to have. His eyes are small and somewhat triangular, set under heavy, half-closed lids. His tail is short, stubby, and clearly powerful, perfect for delivering painful, even potentially fatal, slaps. His hide is interesting, a light frosty blue canvas with large blotches of bleu de France streaked through with thin stripes of duke, majorelle,and Persian blues. He's a true blue brindle piebald, no question about it. One splotch in particular on the left side of his chest shows similarities to a crudely drawn, blurry heart.

I am easily make believe,
just dress me up in what you want me to be.
I'll take back what I've been saying,
look around some time now.

All he wants is love. Not everyone's love though, just T'Rae's. Frankly, he couldn't care less about the rest of the world. He is determined to win her love, affection, and approval… and if it means eating the rest of the competition to do so, the bellyache is a sacrifice he's willing to make. This Sapphire is generally calm and chill and happy, but he has a fiercely jealous streak and is deathly protective of his bond. Your death, not his. Just wanted to clarify. When he's not sprawled out on T'Rae's feet demanding love, attention, and bellyrubs, this bulky boy is pretty aloof, content to just watch… unless you get too close to his bond. Then you're in for a world of hurt. For all that he loves his Vulcan, he, like all Whers, does occasionally bite the hand that feeds him… but not in a mean way. Heck, sometimes it's even accidentally. Love bites, if you will.

I've gotta feel you in my bones again,
I'm all over you, I'm not over you.
I wanna taste you one more time again,
I'm all over you, I'm not over you.

Mindspeak: Italic #415784

Albino Aesk

Bonded: 12-03-11
Bonding: Half Price Day Redemption
Rank: Albino

Mindspeak: Italic #CFDBC5

Albino Jiesk

Bonded: 12-21-13
Bonding: Daily Christmas Advent 2013
Rank: Albino

Mindspeak: Italic #F0FFF0