Uss Synapta

The Ship

The Synapta is a diverse exploratory and scientific vessel. Staffed mostly by a single graduating class the vessel has been in service for a number of years.

T'Lara - Science Officer

Where T'Rae is the Organice Science Officer, T'Lara is Inorganic. While neither had a completely comprehensive understanding of all the scientific realms had to offer, they worked well enough together that the Captain decided to have them work together. Born and raised on Vulcan T'Lara abandoned all of her Vulcan teachings as soon as she was of age, choosing instead to enlist in Starfleet where there weren't so many stuffy old people. Roommates with T'Rae through most of their time in the Academy the two have become very close friends. T'Lara is married to the Chief Medical Officer, Stevens, and has a son, Kyle. : full source reference

George Stevens - Chief Medical Officer

Stevens is the Chief Medical Officer aboard the ship, but he hasn't always been so. Stevens garduated from the Academy in the Security track, an easiliity frightened and meek individual Stevens found himself constantly in the shadow of his Romulan roommate, Charhael. Though Stevens could never pronounce the romulan's name and instead resorted simply to calling him Charles. It was upon Charles' death that Stevens was inspired to switch to the medical track, where he was forced to overcome his hemophobia to save lives. A knack for putting broken people back together earned Stevens the title of Chief Medical Officer. He is married to T'Lara and has a son, Kyle.

Charhael (Charles) - Deceased/Security Officer

Top of his class Charhael was the one security officer you wanted to have in any landing party. Confident, strong, bold, romulan. Not that there were a whole lot of Romulans in Starfleet, but Charhael had always felt he had a calling closer to that of his Vulcan cousins than of his more bloodthirsty Romulan family. Roomed with Stevens in the Academy Charhael immediately took the mild and meek human under his wing, and was thus introduced into the group as Charles. The name stuck and Charles kept with it, settling easily into the group.

It didn't take long for everyone to realize that Charles was something of the father of the group. Anyone would listen to him, despite is crass language and militaristic attitudes Charles was a nice guy. It was that nice guy that T'Rae ended up falling in love with.

It was a landing party gone arwry, Charles was struck by a Romulan blaster just above his heart. Stevens was the only other security officer in the area, abandoning his own saftey to aid Charles. Despite the gaping would in Charles chest Stevens would always feel like, if he had had the knowledge, he would have been able to save Charles that day. The mans dying words, while not the most polite, were the most inspirational "Get your ass back out there."

Mickey - Communications Officer

Mickey never wanted to join Starfleet. Mickey wasn't big on morals or ethics or good causes. Mickey just wanted to go fast. A Xenoation from the recently inducted planet of Kormec, Mickey was raised in the large underground cities. The Xenoation society does not differentiate between genders accept for reproductive purposes, so no one actaually knows what Mickey is, and he uses this to torment the group. Mickey was a street-racer, running the backroads of the Xenoation capitol in an imported antique Mitsubishi Eclipse that he adored beyond words. Xenoation society functions on a 'three strikes you're dead' mentality, but Mickey was offered another way. When choosing between Death and Starfleet the choice was obvious. Mickey became a communications officer, wearing either male or female uniforms depending on mood and day of the week, it's become a running gag in the group that Johnny is on a perpetual quest to de-pants the Xenoation and discover once and for all just what it is.

Johnny Dazzles - Chief Engineer

Old movies were always a big thing to the group in the Academy. And no movie was more frequently watched than the old classic 'Meet Dave'. The first thing you notice about Johnny is that he doesn't exactly fit with the rest of the group, that's because he's blue, and Andorian. The second thing you noticed about Johnny is that he's gay. In fact, that's probably easier to notice than his being Andorian. And we're not talking mildly gay, or only noticing he's gay because he happens to making out with a man, no Johnny is completely, flamboyantly, camp gay. Johnny is the prankster in the group, the perpetual tormenter to the rest. To Mickey in particular, as his unending quest to depants the Xenoation. Johnny is the Chief Engineer aboard the Synapta, and has no feer of hitting you with a wrench if you so much as cross one toe into his Engine Room. Touch anything in there and no one can guarantee you will come back alive.

Now obviously Johnny isn't his real name. No, the nickname Johnny Dazzles comes from Meet Dave and has stuck ever since. That was also the day Meet Dave became the most watched old movie in the group.

Charles Kyle Stevens - Small Child

Kyle isn't actually part of the USS Synapta, they just haven't had the chance to drop him off anywhere, not that T'Lara or Stevens would ever allow him to be dropped off anywhere. Kyle is the child of T'Lara and Stevens, born and raised aboard the USS Synapta he's managed to charm everyone aboard, even Johnny. Being raised aboard the Starship, god knows what this kid will learn.