Treehouse In The Woods

Not far from the Weyrd stands a very tall tree, seemingly old gnarled branches reaching up into the sky above its fellow trees. Dotting the highest branches are the nests of Planet's various aerial shinnies. Should one choose to examine this unusual tree further, a closer look would reveal rooms made of wood built in and around the branches of the tree, all of them centered around a large metal craft that at one point must have been pristine, but now the outside has grown with vines and moss. Winding around the base of the tree is a mote, with plenty of room for a number of aquatic shinnies should any choose to make home there, and a simple wooden bridge arching over it, leading to a ramp to take you up to the door of the metal craft. It is fairly obvious that the treehouse was built with room to grow in mind, for the existing structure only spans maybe a fourth of the available building surfaces the tree provides.

To the right of the great tree stands a stable, which currently only seems to house only a pegasus and a sceltyr, but there are many empty stalls lined up beyond them. To the left a rock garden has been built and carefully tended to, the sand raked cleanly in complicated swirls your eyes have trouble following, winding around slabs of alabaster and obsidian, some of which form stepping stones to the center where a large, flat slab of obsidian rests.

That's when you see the girl. Sitting on that slab in meditation , obviously oblivious to the world around her. Her ears are long and pointed similar to an elf, but her skin bears a more red tint and her dark eyebrows are upswept in an unusual manner. But it is her hair that attracts the most attention, for as you stand there it is changing colors before your eyes, moving through various shades of the color spectrum in a pattern somewhat like fireworks.

Abruptly she stands, crossing the path across the sand an approaching you. "T'nar pak sorat y'rani." She speaks in a language you do not understand, but promptly she follows with english. "My Greetings, my name is T'Rae and this you have stumbled upon is my humble treehouse." She inclines her head in a strange way that you take to be some sort of greeting, and she does not seem in the least offended that you do not return the odd sort of head-bow. "You look wearied from your time in the jungle, please come inside and rest. Do not mind the other occupants of the house, none will harm you but it is not often that we get visitors, they will be curious."