Sirens | 8

Anthem Nocarl

Name Meaning: Annoy Geoffey Long Time
Bonded: 12-07-13
Bonding: Half Price Day Redemption
Rank: Anthem
Gender: Male

Mindspeak: Italic #CCFFCC

Fishy Flood Nocturne Abrash

Name Meaning: Flood, an overflowing of water onto land that is normally dry; an abundant flow or outpouring
Bonded: 10-30-13
Bonding: Fiesta! Wzztversary — Geoffrey
Rank: Nocturne
Gender: Female

For the most part, she doesn't act all that antisocial. She's fairly are going, reasonably civil, but it's still there and part of her nature, in the form of lurking skepticism and suspicion. It's not that she assumes the worst, but… Well, you know, better to watch her back than to regret giving out the benefit of the doubt. No matter how friendly she is, shall never be forgiving of offenses, and see each one as yet another crop of proof and her continuously growing tide of mistrust. You won't mistake her for some goofy, gullible Requiem, no ma'am, not her. Of course, like many it seemed suspicious of others, part of the reason she suspects they might be trying to scam her is because she occasionally dabbles with a bit of untruthfulness herself. Her caution isn't entirely misplaced, however, and if anything is off about a situation she'll spot it immediately. She also has days she's less outgoing than others and more likely to bite back, but that's only to be expected from a Nocturne. If you prefer to keep her in good spirits, though, it's rather easy: give her a swimming pool and a bucket of fishies and she'll be perfectly placated.

Dark, abyssal blue coats her head and body, while a richer, brighter navy blue completely in cases each limb of the shoulders and upper flanks respectively. Her tail is that almost black shade to start with, fading out on the fin to the navy tone. Spotting like a leopard's covers the darkest parts of her, the only distinct spots the panda style markings around each eye and coloring each year. Said eyes are a bright cyan blue, in contrast with the twilight colors and the rest of her appearance. The only light color on her skin is the sudden minimal eruption of icy white on with her wee toes.

Mindspeak: Italic #020078

Noddypeak Nocturne Etwel

Name Meaning: We, used by the speaker or writer to indicate the speaker or writer along with another or others as the subject
Bonded: 07-09-14
Bonding: The Call From Below — Geoffrey
Rank: Nocturne
Gender: Female

We will put it gently, as gentle as the best way to be around her: there are certain rocks which may or may not have been known to be smarter than her when given the same standardized test. It doesn't hamper her at all though. She's helpful and nosy, and if she's dubious but trusting, well, there are worse things to be than someone with a reputation for assuming good things in beings. She's not entirely gullible, though, just because she's the opposite of bright, and while she'll foolishly go on a snipe hunt for the fun of it, knowing it's fake but thinking it's a silly game you're playing together, you're not gonna talk her into doing your dirty work unexpectedly. She's good. Dumb, but good. It follows that she's not the most sociable of shinies, as she isn't smart enough to put anything meaningful into conversation, and more importantly most aren't willing to be patient with her, a Nocturne happy to drift around at her own slow pace.

Nocturnes are meant to be smaller than Boleros, but in her case she's practically indistinguishable from them if it wasn't for her color, only a hair's breadth difference in height and length from the majority of those rank. She is well adapted to her body at least, no clumsiness to her at all, despite the stereotype for larger creatures to be ungainly. Dusky cornflower blue wraps around this body, smooth to the touch, neither soft nor coarse. Navy blue adds needed darkness, coating her paws thickly and streaking of her legs to eventually blend in with the lighter coloring. Similar streaking occurs on her tail, vibrant towards the end and more blurred as it progresses. Her ears are the lightest, a patch of soft, true cornflower blue dabbed on each one. Of all of her blueness, her eyes stand out the most somehow, a deep and infinite pool of glistening midnight hue.

Mindspeak: Bold #5781FF

Santa Baby Sonata Sanoi

Name Meaning: Please, to give enjoyment, pleasure, or satisfaction to; make glad or contented; to have the will or desire; wish
Bonded: 12-25-11
Bonding: Winter Wonderland Christmas Redemption 2011
Rank: Sonata
Gender: Female
Song: Santa Baby - Eartha Kitt

For a siren, Sanoi has high tastes. She likes pretty jewelry and fancy things, she collects any kind of pretty baubles and she’ll do what she can to convince you that she deserves these things. Oh she’s just the nicest little girl you would ever meet, she does all the right things and their isn’t a sinning bone in her body. Or at least she’d go to any lengths to convince you of that. She’s actually something of a flirt, she’s watching the guys, leading them on just a little bit, but they won't actually get what they're after. At least not until she has what she wants well within her possession, it’s the kind of sacrifice you have to make when you want the kind of fancy things she does. And oh just let her tell you about all the sacrifices she makes in the meantime, come on now please. Surely she has done all the right things to deserve a little bit of a reward. She is a little bit of a sweetheart though, liking to cuddle up with anything that will let her and make herself comfortable. She seems to have a little bit of an affinity for winter, enjoying the snow and ice more than she seems to enjoy actual water.

Such a stark white she blends right in with the crystal white of untouched snow. In the winter she just about blends right in and you can only find her from her flailing and laughter. Get her off on her own she’s maybe just a little bit childish, innocent and laughing and adorable. Resembling the otter a little bit more than a whale she’s very long and slender, a tad more awkward on land than some of her sisters would be. A full foot in length, maybe just an inch or two more with her long tail, what really catches attention is her pretty, ruby red eyes.

Mindspeak: Bold #FF0000

Endless Folk Song Requiem Falor

Name Meaning: Falor, a prosperous merchant who went on a journey to gain greater awareness; song of this journey (Falor's Jouney) has 348 verses
Bonded: 12-16-13
Bonding: Daily Christmas Advent 2013
Rank: Requiem
Gender: Male


Reviviscent Requiem Rom

Name Meaning: Good, being positive or desirable in nature; not bad or poor
Bonded: 07-09-14
Bonding: The Call From Below — Geoffrey
Rank: Requiem
Gender: Male

He's your random acts of kindness fellow, he is. Ever optimistic, his only goal life is to improve lives of others, alert and bright and cheerful no matter what's going on, eager to inspire the same liveliness in others. It's refreshing to be around somebody so honest and sincere, not to mention active! He may not be a trophy winning athlete, but that doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy outdoor activities immensely. It's as if he was born within the fountain of youth itself, endowed with a wise beyond his years type of appreciation of life in all its forms with a powerful fondness. He's not the type you want to squish an ant in front of. If, on the other hand, you want the delightful surprise of waking up one morning to find all your laundry hung out to dry or to receive a compliment out of nowhere, he's the guy you want around.

The first thing to be noticed about this Requiem is likely his tail. It is proportionately longer than many others, making up exactly half of his entire length. The next thing you're likely to notice is his face. Other than a smooth snout and delicate features, his head appears slightly flattened, face smushed in like a frowning Himalayan cat. Despite his grumpy appearance, not helped by the fact he is no lightweight either, he is quite the cuddler when permitted, openly rather interested in touching and feeling things and being close. For the most part, his fur is inky black, as one might expect of a Requiem, but around the extremes – the tips of his toes, the ends of his tail fin, the rims of his ears, very edge of his nose – the fur fades just enough that you can tell is secretly an extremely dark brown. It goes with his eyes nicely, which are a light maize hue with flecks of hazel brown, yellowish without being overly harsh.

Mindspeak: Bold #392F22

Baby Why Don't We Go Requiem Saya

Name Meaning: Fruit juice, very intoxicating green herbal drink
Bonded: 11-16-13
Bonding: Beach Boys (And Girl!) Speedbonding — Geoffrey
Rank: Requiem
Gender: Male
Song: Kokomo — The Beach Boys

You may have heard that Requiem can be entertaining to watch. In his case, it's more than mere clumsy accident; he wants to make sure that you are enjoying yourself, and he's more than happy to do whatever it takes to see you resting in luxury, or whatever it is that makes you happy, really. He'll get you tickets to that thing you like, or book a cruise without telling you until surprising you over a candlelit dinner one night. It's not entirely spontaneous, of course, he wants to do things you like after all, and that requires knowing you, picking up on the subtle hints about what you like and don't like, asking nonchalant questions. His sleek black fur has hints of dark purple shimmering in the right strike of light, although not all of it – even under a spotlight centerstage, he'll have curls of pure black winding through the shimmer.

Mindspeak: Italic C93A99

The All The Friends Requiem Variben

Name Meaning: Talk, to articulate (words); to give expression to in words
Bonded: 12-18-13
Bonding: Daily Christmas Advent Reserve — Anastashia
Rank: Requiem
Gender: Male

All sleek and shiny, this guy is a little long for his rank, a few inches over a foot long. He is perfectly willing to be dressed up in clothes though he has a favorite of home knitted socks for his fins when he’s on land. His skin is full of the colors of midnight, pitch black with the occasional swirl of ultra-dark violet and blues. His eyes are a pretty soft brown and always friendly. Oh and by the way, he never wears socks that match.

As friendly and bubbly as he looks this little Requiem is all about making new friends. He likes to meet new people and shinies and more than that he likes to play. He LOVES to play, with everyone. In his mind Whers are really just very large castles to climb and dragons are really big ponies to ride. He likes to talk too. Where most Sirens are more comfortable singing and sending pictures to communicate, he enjoys talking in his rough voice. How can you make friends if you can’t talk to them? He’s a bit of a chatterer though and sometimes doesn’t really make sense. While he always seems to vibrate with energy, it is easily possible to trick him into thinking that cuddling up in front of a fire with a warm mug of tea is a really fun game. And he loves you, so why wouldn’t he want to play your favorite game with you? It’s also really easy to convince him that Geoffrey likes to be cuddled too and that smashing things in the lab is a fun game so it might be a good idea to try and keep him away from bad influences.

Mindspeak: Bold #3D006B