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[2 PSP] [*] [Geoffrey] Priestess Fo'ihsek — T'Rae
[2 PSP] [*] [Faoface] Shaman Brusavensu — T'Rae
[1 PSP] [Hennapants] Warrior Female Nekeshu'a — T'Rae
[1 PSP] [Lishkins] Warrior male Nerien — T'Rae
[1 PSP] [Zeph] Scholare Female Pulayau — T'Rae

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[1 PSP] [*] [Myself] Ildalrae Female Ryzza — T'Rae

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Wind Cut Warrior Nekeshu'a

Tribe Name: Nekwitaya - Force, physical energy or intensity; a powerful effect or influence
Clan Name: Da-eshu'a - Tornado, a localized and violently destructive windstorm occurring over land characterized by a funnel-shaped cloud extending toward the ground
Bonded: 12-01-12
Bonding: Half Price Day Gift — Lucas
Rank: Warrior
Gender: Female

Reminiscent of MOUNTAIN RANGES of a blackened stone covered in powder snow and ice, this female is large in size and quite noticeable with her nearly stark white pelt. She’s got coal black over her muzzle, just at the tip by her nose, and black pads of her paws which you may be unfortunate to see should you anger her or irritate her enough to have her rear back to her full, massive height, standing well over six feet on her hind legs. She’s thick in size as well, bigger is better, and has a thicker, shorter muzzle than the polar bear that her coloration resembles. She often enjoys being painted with simpler tribal markets, tending towards rounder shapes and circles, almost always using coal or black ink to match her markings.

Nekeshu’a is very proud of her name. She loves wind and all of its properties, that you cannot see it, that it may punish or reward, and that it is a force that you may very well underestimate. While she is peaceful as most Kos are, she is a bit more inclined towards aggression and offensive tactics than others may be of her species. Why not scare away the pack of Fisi before they can even think to sniff the cubs of the tribe, or add a bit of intimidation if a negotiation is not going so well? There’s a fine line between being peaceful and being a pushover, and Nekeshu’a is determined to never even step into the latter category. She’s strong, she’s brash, and she’s protective, all characteristics that make her a fine warrior indeed. She’s also loyal almost to a fault, so much so that your safety may, to her anyway, sometimes matter more than your choice. And while she does not initially think that way in the moment out of worry, there may be times in which she must be told to step back allow things to play out on their own. She’s a strong advocate of force and action, so sitting back and going with the flow is difficult for her under most circumstances. She’ll take what she wants, so long as it’s for the good of her tribe and her bonded.

Mindspeak: Bold #F18F5D

Wary Guardian Warrior Nerien

Tribe Name: Ner
Clan Name: Nerien - First officer, the second in command of a vessel
Bonded: 12-01-12
Bonding: Half Price Day Gift — Saiph
Rank: Warrior
Gende: Male

Some Kos may be mistakenly categorized, may end up performing tasks they're really not suited to — but not Nerien. No, Nerien is and always would have been a Warrior. No doubt about it. Even just looking at his physical form, it's clear: in the subtle stalk in his gait, the bulk of his shoulders, the hard look in his brown eyes. He's careful, constantly on watch, and don't bother trying to stand up for yourself. It's his instinct to put himself between you and danger, and his gut leads this big fellow. Yes, he is rather large! Fitting in his Warrior status, he's every inch a stereotypical fellow in form, anyhow. Tall, broad-shouldered, large-headed and quite muscular, he definitely knows how to part a crowd! He blends in more than your average Warrior, however, for all his bulk and lack of concern as to who sees him. A soft algae covers most of his coarse fur, but it's somewhat hard to spot it beneath his markings. Tendrils and strips of dark grey-brown drift here and there, while splotches of pale gold vie for position beneath the haze of warm gold-green that melts down his topline. He darkens considerably towards the ground, this bear: from a darker jungle-green to muted brown along his paws.

His mind is, simply, suited for the task of his rank: calculating, calm, wary. He's got no time for the shenanigans of more playful bears, and he'd really prefer if you didn't indulge them, because while he is quite good at his task, he'd rather not test the limits of guardianship. After all, better safe than sorry! And better paranoid than dead, too, for that matter. Paranoid, Nerien? Maybe just a bit, but it's for a good cause: Keeping you and his — your — clan safe. He works quite hard to manage this task, for all that you might not always see it. Unless you're actively marching towards danger, he does his best work as a background player, watching and waiting for anything even slightly off. In the background, he can observe, and it's best if you and others take the stage anyhow. What would it look like, a gigantic bear trying to steal all of the attention? Not so very sane, really. Still, when the situation calls for it, he's quite content to leap into the spotlight — leap right on in and neutralize any threat that should happen across your path. He's got about as much sense about jumping into dangerous situations as you might expect from a warrior, after all. That is to say, well, not much.

Nerien's mind is well-suited to a Vulcan. A still cavern, a calm temple, a quiet, blank space: it doesn't so much matter what imagery he uses as the feeling. He is a very calming presence, this bear, and he works to extend that over those who he serves. Even in the midst of dragging you out of danger his mind is at ease, but lurking just beneath the calm is a river of constant calculations; best not dive into that, though, it's not very soothing.

Mindspeak: Bold #AEBC36

The Navigator Scholar Pulayau

Tribe Name: Pul
Clan Name: Pulayau - Present, to be present
Bonded: 12-01-12
Bonding: Half Price Day Gift — Zeph
Rank: Scholar
Gender: Female

While she could conceivably be a Hunter or a Warrior due to her bulky frame, Pulayau was drawn towards the ways of a Scholar from the very beginning. Her appearance seems almost fitting in that regard, with jet-black fur from nose to tail, each hair tipped with enough silver to make her shimmer under the right light. She's large in stature, standing at nearly six feet tall while on all fours, yet there's a roundness to her features that gives her an air of grace.

Pulayau is a little different from other Scholars due to her area of study, being fascinated with the many ways in which humans get around without the aid of technology. As such, she has devoted herself to learning how to navigate both by day and by night, memorizing the height of the sun and the position of the stars, planets and other celestial objects according to the seasons. So while she can often be difficult to find due to her constant wanderings, Pulayau will gladly share her knowledge with you when she is around. When not studying, she is warm and caring, taking pleasure in just being with her bonded and learning from them. She knows that her area of study is narrow and so takes steps to broaden her knowledge base, doing her best to apply whatever she knows to the situation at hand. She might seem overbearing at times because of this, but she means well and simply wishes for understanding and guidance from you.

Mindspeak: Bold #303030