Shamries | 1

The Jolly Beggar Three Leaf Finnegan

Bonded: 04-07-12
Bonding: The Luck of the Irish — Maeko
Rank: Three Leaf
Gender: Male

Over the fields with my bulging heavy sack
With holes in my shoes and my toes a peeping thru
Singing, skin a ma rink a doodle with my auld rigadoo.

Skinny but just the average height, this Shamry is quite a handsome fellow, all things considered. His leaves are a little wrinkled and a tiny bit torn, and that unnecessary boot on his stump is really adorable with its little flashes of green… And well, he's just really cute all around. He's constantly singing or traveling around, in good spirits for one of his kind. He's a bright spring green, that sort of shade that you know is green, but it still kinda looks a little blue, too. He is quite simple, with large black eyes, blonde-red eyebrows and a beard to match. Of course, said beard is a little ratty and appears to contain a bird's nest every spring… How annoying, although this beggar man doesn't mind!

Mindspeak: Bold #28FB82