Shadowguards | 19

Intelligent Sidekick Mist Nenikaya

Name Meaning: Support, the act of supporting; one that supports
Bonded: 01-25-14
Bonding: Monochrome Madness — Kira
Rank: Mist
Gender: Female

She's content playing second fiddle to other people. Intelligent and good-natured, she's happy to just be your support and back-up. Keeping your spirits up and helping where she can. Sometimes she's the voice of reason, helping you think through problems and see them from all angles.

She is a beautiful little thing. Pale pale sky blue fur covers her body, and underneath you can see the gleam here and there of gemstones. But she seems to keep her fur long to hide them as best she can. She doesn't like to stand out. But if you do manage to brush aside her fur you will find hidden gems underneath. It seems every jewel underneath is rather valuable and beautiful to behold.


Sleep So Soundly Shifter Surak

Name Meaning: Vulcan male who ushered in the Time of Awakening on Vulcan, thus founding a movement based on logic and peace
Bonded: 05-30-12
Bonding: Carried Away By... — Altair/Lucas
Rank: Shifter
Gender: Male
Softly I Sing - Hania

With an aura as thin but as present as a wispy mist, this male moves and exists like a whisper. If you don't pay careful enough attention you might just miss him. And missing him would be missing a kingdom full of love and understanding that could bolster even the most broken soul. Though he isn't quite soft spoken, perhaps this Shifter's most keen ability is knowing just when it's right to talk and when it's perfect to be silent. He'll readily lend you a shoulder, a side to lay and cry upon and he will neither complain nor speak of it when you are done. While it may seem as though he doesn't care for you on the surface, anyone looking upon this Shifter's relationship with his bonded might guess that it hardly exists at all, his hold and his bond to you is tight but gentle. Don't expect constant fawning, constant "I love you"s or even sure signs of affection like gifts or nuzzles, because he knows that the best way to show his love is through his presence. And not just any presence rest assured, because while he knows when to be near and when to back away, he will always be just a call away and will always be connected to his, beyond just the touching shadow. As the most present of companions, this Shifter is not often stoic, fairly light-hearted in his speech and manner. He's friendly though it is often difficult for others to get close to him because he focuses most of his time and energy on his bonded. Though his voice is deep, his words are often easy to miss, so be sure to always look and listen.

With a thick furred wolfish appearance, this Shifter has a narrow snout and an angular skull. While his long fur is ever changing with different colors dependent on his mood, he tends to stick to mellower colors that are easy on the eye. He'll also tend to stick to earthier tones, because his swings of emotion aren't quite as extreme as they may be for others. This also leads him to not switching between colors quite as often. While the rest of his body can change color at will, his eyes will forever remain a pale, ghostly blue. It'd be incorrect to call it icy however because there is a deep fire of affection burning within. Beneath his thick coat, his skin is studded with what appears to be smooth blue lace agate that will not at all harm you if you were to lean against him.

Mindspeak: Italic #B0A6D7

Guardian Through the Darkness Crystal Ha'zehl

Name Meaning: Ray, A thin line or narrow beam of light or other radiant energy; radiance; light
Bonded: 02-08-12
Bonding: Winter Wonderland Help Redemption
Rank: Crystal
Gender: Female

Ha'zehl is easily one of the calmest of T'Rae's Shadowguards, it takes quite a bit of effort to actually ruffle this girl's fur. While she's not entirely foolish she does her best to believe in the good in people, more than willing to give others the benefit of the doubt or cut them some slack for one reason or another. The kind of person that's quicker to give advice than she is to take any for herself she sees other peoples situations better than she can see her own. With the patience of a saint and a gentle, if slightly stern, demeanor it's no surprise that she has some motherly tendencies. Keeping an eye on anything smaller and more foolish than herself, and taking care of them when they get themselves hurt. She tries to keep a simple, quiet life for herself for the most part, so long as everyone else has what they need she's more likely to be found sunbathing off to herself.

While she's still very pale this Crystal isn't quite as pure white as some of her rank sisters. The pure snowy shade serves as the base of her coat, a coat that falls smooth and close to her body, emphasizing her already thin frame. Overlaying that is a very pale cream falling over her eyes and down her back, fading out into the pure white along her spine and reaching down the front of her legs to cover the tops of her paws. While her frame may be slender she is by no means unhealthy, her form leanings towards speed and agility instead of raw power. The most striking thing about her however is her eyes, a vibrant, almost oversaturated, shade of green that stands out against her fur and especially so in the dark, giving her almost a haunting look, particularly at night.

Mindspeak: Italic #D5CEB2

If I Had Wings Crystal Rose

Previously: Innocent Red
Bonded: 04-13-12
Bonding: The Path — Geoffrey
Rank: Crystal
Gender: Female

She is a sincere angel. She wants nothing but to care for everyone and see them better, and believes with all her heart that it's possible to heal anything and anyone. And yet there is almost the sense that she's too good, that nobody that pure could exist in the real world. It's a facet of her personality that only makes her all the more vaguely disconcerting coupled with her maturity and wisdom, which is well beyond what her age and innocence would suggest with a powerful insight to things like death and longing despite her belief that nothing is bad and everything can live in harmony. She's very much a dreamer, walking around with her head in the clouds, and overall she has a certain ethereal quality. She is so gentle, and so sweet, and there'd something a little bit sad in knowing she doesn't belong, like she literally isn't all there as she stares off into space welcoming the rain clouds with a smile.

Fluffy, fuzzy, downy; she herself is rather like you might imagine the clouds would feel like if you could reach out and touch them and hold them in your arms. She's wrapped up in simple white fur, thick but not long or shaggy; the exception to all this is the fur on her neck, which grows out a little longer, giving her an ever so slightly maned appearance. She's pretty average like that, and average describes her size pretty well in terms of proportions, weight, etc. Pale pink and sky blue stones, shaped like ovals, are dotted around beneath her fur, breaking up the otherwise plain field of hairs. None of them are as bright as her eyes, however, which are so blue it's almost unnerving.

Mindspeak: Bold #BBE4F6

Proud to be Bold Silver Ahkhan

Name Meaning: Warfare, the waging of war against an enemy; armed conflict; military operations marked by a specific characteristic
Bonded: 09-01-12
Bonding: WPC He Said, She Said Redemption
Rank: Silver
Gender: Male
Hear You Scream - Hania

Casual? Easy-going? If T'Rae thinks those traits mean a Silver is a pushover of a Shadowguard, she'll change her mind when she meets this one. For him, those traits manifest as a cavalier attitude, and specifically a very cavalier rogue. It's like nothing can touch him, in the sense that everything rolls of his back like water off a duck, and he just does not give a shit. Somewhere in her, T'Rae still has that ancient bloodthirsty nature in her, and she's gone soft and neglecting it trying to repress it. How's that working out for you T'Rae? Not working at all, is it, trying to the right thing in a world whose society has broken you. What she needs is a counterpart; while she is the voice of reason, he'll encourage her to embrace her barbaric roots. He wants to hear her scream. Let him hear her scream! Louder! Screw the hold her friends and enemies both have over her. She was a strong woman, and he'll fire up her temper so she's a strong woman again, bring out that wildness she's trying to repress. She needs to take a stand – yeah, something she needs to do on her own, he's going to make damn sure she can handle herself on her own. Be proud. Be bold. Be brave. And enjoy f-cking shit up in return for how much of your shit has been f-cked. This Silver is a wild spirit through and through, with a pounding heart bursting with enjoyment of the wild and untamed, the active and dynamic. T'Rae has total freedom here, with no Vulcan High Council or Starfleet officers to hold her back, and she should use it and not let some dead man's haunting or some tenuous tether to her fiancé hold her back from the most important person: Herself.

This Silver is no pushover, he's thick and powerful, with a broad chest and long legs that leave him quick on his feet. It would not at all be a reach to compare him to a tank, or perhaps a mountain, with his smokey silver coloring that starts as a dark smoke near his paws and raises up to a much a brighter almost-white shade over his neck and sprinckling down his back. His fur is smooth and sleek over his body, puffing up around his tail, and though he may be just a Silver he holds himself as bold and unwaivering as any lord. Being rather on the larger side, and with eyes so dark as to nearly be black in color, he certainly give off the air of someone that you don't want to mess with. There is a ferocity in him to match that which lurks within his bond, and T'Rae need never look far to find him pushing her to be the strong and powerful woman that he knows she is.

Mindspeak: Italic #358452

Long Nights Silver Alf

Name Meaning:
Bonded: 14-07-13
Bonding: Half Price Day Gift — Amarok
Rank: Silver
Gender: Male
Mate to Aud

[Image (Left)] | [Umba Sapphire]
A former stray doesn’t forget his past, making the present all the easier to live for. Rough times and challenging trials outnumber the good things in his life more than sand to shells on a beach. Carried away on moonlit shadows and other mischievous inclinations- it simply doesn’t happen with him, not unless he’s relaxing with Aud. An air of ease surrounds this Shadowguard, though he is only laid back in the sense that he’s been tamed by the perky Shadow, becoming more a gruff veteran than an active warrior. Alf allows Aud to take the lead on several occasions, always ready and waiting to intervene. He does not typically ever have to, a product a keen insight, instinct, and the ability to slip away from his mate to destroy trouble before it happens. Between them he is known as the keeper, the one who ensures order and merit in all undertakings. Never worry about losing track or getting lost; Alf will always know the way.

A large husky made even larger when beside Aud, his coat is full and his markings clear and handsome. His underbelly and limbs are muted silver, light in color while strong in muscle. The hue becomes polished and darker as it ticks up his pelt and across his muzzle, covering his face in a vague cross. Each fur is slightly different from the one before, making it difficult to spot silvered scars from those dark times before, but they're there if you squint. What is visible are the various Umbra sapphires scattered across his pelt, tiny pinpricks of light in a silver nebula. The shadow form he possesses is thin and nearly non-existent, no more noticeable than a shadow in the dead of a moonless night.

Mindspeak: Bold #3B7181

Pick a Pretty Petal Silver Florus

Name Meaning: Flower [Latin]
Bonded: 12-03-11
Bonding: Half Price Day Gift — Cassanova
Rank: Silver
Gender: Male

Bouvier des Flandres
Moss Agate
Completely typical of his rank, Florus is a rather casual and fun loving fellow. Capable of mellowing out and snoozing on your lap as you settle down with a book, or romp through the jungle with you on some sort of wild adventure he really is an all purpose 'Guard. He has his quirks like all others, things that get him in trouble though if harnessed and directed properly could be of great use to you, T'Rae. He wasn't named Florus without reason. This incredibly talented boy knows nearly everything there is to know about flowers, not plant life in general, just flowers. He also has the insatiable need to dig up said flowers and bring them to you. Sure, you can look at it as a flaw, look at him as a nuisance as any flowering plant life you have on your grounds will be dug up and uprooted. All of that effort – if you are one to plant flower gardens – will be dashed. But! If you put his talents to good use he is incredibly useful when discovering and getting flowering samples as, somehow, as he digs he keeps the flower, stem, leaves and root complex completely intact. Plus, he is wickedly capable of putting together a bouquet and some freaking awesome centrepieces. Anything flower related he's got it covered. Oh, and don't you go thinking because he's into flowers he's a pansy, 'cause that just ain't the case honey. He will of course choose to stand down over fighting, but back him into a corner or attack someone he loves and you have a mouthful of teeth clamped onto your ass faster than you can say Rosa rubiginosa (Eglantine Rose if you didn't know).

Typically coloured for a Silver, his dusky coat has a slight silvery, metallic sheen to it under the moonlight. Taking a form which happens to be quite similar to that of a 24” at-the-shoulder Bouvier des Flandres. Shaggy dark fur falls all over his body in layers a few inches along. His face is typically quite comical as his sooty gaze can never quite be seen behind two layers of thick 'bangs' and a lengthy beard spans down his chin. Ears seem to have been cropped and his tail is a short docked bob though be assured, he was born this way. Along his skin stones glimmer, as they do for all of his species, in the form of dark Moss Agate flowers. A baseball sized one can be found glittering on each hip and shoulder while a line of smaller quarter sized follow his spine to a tee, seeming to be one for each vertebrae.

Mindspeak: Bold #FA2F9C

Just Relax Silver Lyle

Bonded: 12-03-11
Bonding: Half Price Day Gift — Lucas
Rank: Silver
Gender: Male

Taking on the thickly coated and rather large form of a Kuvasz Lyle is the epitome of his rank, no 'Guard can be as relaxed as he. Often sitting or stretched out on his belly, with his tongue lolling, there is something about his silver gaze that just makes you want to sit down and join him. His fur his a shaggy yet silky metallic silver, as pale as his rank will allow, making his coloration rather nostalgic of the breed he takes after. His is thickly and well muscled, he can definitely pull his weight and more, and he is athletic and healthy and well built. Under all that muscle though is a mass of fuzz of chilling out. His fur is the perfect length and softness to grab and his ears are just floppy enough to be cute. Beneath his coat are round and polished studs of Purple Fluorite giving him a nice lavender look, especially beneath the sun.

Laid back and fun loving are the exact words to describe Lyle to the t. There's just so much chaos and troubles to worry you coming from all over the Weyrd in the forms of relationships and bonds and events; he's the perfect guy to turn to when your stress is about to take over and you just want a friend that won't give you any of that. He won't worry you or give you trouble, and the innocent pranks that he might pull occasionally are only when you can take it. He's a good judge of how stressed or in the mood you are to deal with some silly nonsense. And when you are in the mood he'll gladly play with you, or just sit down and talk, or even just sit and not talk, whatever's good with you is good with him, baby. Run around and wrestle in the lake? Sure. Lay down in a field and gaze at the stars? He'll be right over in ten. Want him to leave you alone then lick the tears off of your face when you're ready. You don't even have to ask, because he knows that already. And don't worry about him, really, he can take care of himself. All he wants to do is make your life more comfortable and relaxing

Mindspeak: Bold Italic #9081CB

Sweet Tarts Silver Sfith

Name Meaning: Sour, having a taste characteristic of that produced by acids; sharp, tart, or tangy
Bonded: 09-02-12
Bonding: Pure Imagination Speedbonding — Katsumi
Rank: Silver
Gender: Male

This 'Guard has darker fur than most Silvers, but not to the point of being considered smokey rather than silver. His eyes are darker still, though his body is lightened by the appearance of bright pink and blue spinel stones. As far as the shape he takes in solid form, it's mostly unexceptional. He has powerful legs and shorter, but dense, fur. Large ears, oval-shaped eyes, bushy tail and a fox-like muzzle give the appearance of 'generic canine', but what sets him apart is the large ridge of fur that sticks up from the base of his neck trailing down his spine. It gives him a slightly offsetting appearance, but the large smile he always displays balances it out. He looks kinda goofy, really, but happy all the same.

He's hot and he's cold, he's yes and he's no, he's i- Right. That's a song. But it applies to this Silver all the same. He's the sort where you can never tell what he's REALLY thinking. Everything he says he says with a smile and a light lilt to his voice… even if the words that come out are sarcastic and even a little hurtful. He seems happy enough though, even a little slow, so he doesn't mean it… or does he? Let's hope you have thick skin or this 'Guard may drive you to madness, trying to decipher his words and guess his motives.

Mindspeak: Bold #FF1493

Scrumdiddlyumptious Silver Tal-kam

Name Meaning: Dear, a beloved person; used as terms of endearment
Bonded: 09-02-12
Bonding: Pure Imagination Speedbonding — Katsumi
Rank: Silver
Gender: Male

This Silver isn't exactly one for the record books. He's the exact size (a bit taller than one's knee in solid form) and shape (wolfish, but with a more dog-shaped head and muzzle) you would expect from a 'Guard. He has medium length silver fur, a bit thicker on his neck and tail, and darker gray eyes. Embedded in his skin is bits of petrified wood, mostly brown but with a small center of cream and gray. Certainly not athletically outstanding, he can't run very fast, and he isn't very strong. In fact, he's a little bit pudgy, and winds easily. However, he certainly makes up for his physical shortcomings with his sheer force of personality.

Always happy, always loving, and most of all, always loyal. He loves his bond and will stick to their side like glue. Don't ever expect to actually leave him home, because he'll be there, submersed in your shadow like its second skin. He'll stay quiet if you ask him, so he won't interfere in any bondings you don't want him to. Whatever it takes to make you happy, he'll do it. Yes, if you asked him to, he would jump off a bridge for you. He's that obedient. This Silver hates to see anyone upset, but this is especially so about his bond. He's very quick to pick up on their emotions. This Shadowguard is amazingly sweet and caring, perfectly comforting, quickly solving all of his bond's problems with a heavy quilt, a good book, and a bar of chocolate.

Mindspeak: Bold #964514

Easy Does It Silver Wrecker

Bonded: 12-25-13
Bonding: Secret Keehar Gift
Rank: Silver
Gender: Male

He doesn't take much to get excited in fact little doesn't excite him, you could almost say he's permanently excited about everything. But though his intentions are always good he can get carried away with things. Your cleaning the fireplace? why not the floor, walls, chairs, stuffs and, and, clean ALL the things! He's friendly to a fault and no matter how much you scold him he'll keep doing what he's doing until its finished, meaning you might just have to put up with it and move on. Though if you can slowly ease him into a situation you might have a better chance of slowing him down, plus distracting him with a new tasks works as well. He will provide as much help to you and anyone he can but when the day starts to fall to a close he is quite tired, his energy depleted he needs someone to help him to bed.

His coat is a beautiful grey, from the tip of his nose down to his tail he is a deep flaxen grey with hints of silver on his belly and under his chin. Eyes blue as stars and twinkling he seemed to be laughing all the time. His mouth is always wide in a happy grin. Built like a doberman he is sturdy and sleek ready to chase, play and do what he loves most: be excited about everything. Sharp ears are always swiveling to hear each sound and flop cutely against his brow when he turns too fast. Big paws make him look clumsy but those toe claws can be certinally imposing.


the Shadow Dancer Shadow Duv-tamsu

Name Meaning: Shadow, the rough image cast by an object blocking rays of illumination | Dancer, a performer who dances
Bonded: 12-25-13
Bonding: Wzztmas Gift — Arlene
Rank: Shadow
Gender: Female

Okay so her name literally means Shadow Dancer. What does that mean for most people? Even when standing still the way her coat catches the light in physical form it seems to be moving. Lanky built yet oddly graceful. While not the color of pitch coal like her queenly sisters she is a lovely almost slate grey to silver grey coat. Her general attitude appears to be laidback though never ever assume this girl doesn't have teeth. SHe's just… choosy in when and where to use them so she doesn't get in trouble. After all, that's just the icing on the humiliation of losing if they also have to deal with peer condemnation on anyone whose stupid enough to be her foe.

Mindspeak: Italic #222222

Wish Upon A Star Shadow Shadowguard Istaya

Name Meaning: Wish, a desire, longing, or strong inclination for a specific thing; an expression of a desire, longing, or strong inclination; a petition; something desired or longed for
Bonded: 12-25-12
Bonding: Christmas Gift 2012 — Grimm
Rank: Shadow
Gender: Female

Demanding and stubborn, this Shadowguard is very much like what the texts always say about her rank. She sees herself as better than most, and believes she should be treated as such. Sure, she might not be a queen by birth, but that doesn’t mean that they’re better than her. Oh no. She knows who is really the best, and if you don’t seem to realize this, Istaya will make sure to tell you. And then she’s going to follow up with that with her list of things she wants. And there is always something she wants. From a good brushing, to a special food dish with encrusted jewels, to some rare and exotic treat or perfume, there is always a list of desires that she demands. Sure, they may be completely out of reach, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting or dreaming about these things. Love and affection are things that are bought for a price, and have to be continuously bought to make her happy. She’s always going to have a list of things she wants and wishes for, and she won’t be shy about telling you all these things. It’s just how it goes with her, and sometimes the easiest thing to do is go ahead and do your best to find something she wants. It will lead to a smaller headache. Usually.

Small and petite, she’s on the smaller size for what is average for her rank. She’s a slender, graceful creature that will never go splashing out into mud puddles, and will throw a fit when she breaks a nail. Her coat, when she’s in her solid form, is dark grey with a soft dove gray underbelly and chest. Pale gray dots over her shoulders and back, following along her spine. She’s always going to be well groomed and clean, and as much of a pain as it can be, at least she isn’t going to be tracking mud all over. Gotta take those wins someplace, right?

Mindspeak: Italic #A29D9D

Space Between The Stars Shadow Palikau

Name Meaning: Start, to begin an activity or a movement; set out; to have a beginning; commence
Bonded: 12-20-11
Bonding: Daily Christmas Advent 2011
Rank: Shadow
Gender: Female

There's something just a little bit distant about Palikau, just a little bit out of touch with what's going on around her. It doesn't happen often but it's not entirely foreign to find her out in the middle of the night staring up at the stars completely mesmerized. If you sit down next to her she can name every single one of them, point out all the constellations, tell you how they move through the seasons and when you can expect to see what stars the best. All in all she's surprisingly intelligent for a Shadowguard, especially in regards to astronomy as astrology. It's not what her real interest is though, she's busier watching all that blackness between the stars. Because somewhere out there when a new stars flairs into life she'll be the first one here to see it. Everything out in space starts somewhere right? And even if some of the light she's seeing is from millions of years ago it doesn't change the fact that she's going to be the first one to see it. Even as unlikely as it is she remains hopeful, where's the sense in life if you don't?

A dusky blue-grey covers most of her lanky fur, plush and soft and certainly good for keeping her warm in the winter. Which is good for how much time she opts to spend outside, especially in the cold nights. There are highlights speckled throughout her body in no particularly discernible order, it's questionable whether or not this is from any actual spotting or just flecks of black moonstone beneath her fur. Generally appreciative of company, though not particularly picky about what kind, just anyone that will listen to her talk. There's a certain grace about her movements, in both her physical form and her shadow one.

Mindspeak: Italic #47478F

Shadow Pash

Name Meaning: Trap, a contrivance for catching and holding animals, as a concealed pit or a clamplike device that springs shut suddenly; a stratagem for catching or tricking an unwary person
Bonded: 12-07-13
Bonding: Half Price Day Gift — Katsumi
Rank: Shadow
Gender: Female


Avada Kedavra Shadow Reah

Name Meaning: Ancient Vulcan goddess of Death and the Underworld.
Bonded: 6-22-09
Bonding: A Night of Magic and Mayhem - Cassanova
Rank: Shadow
Gender: Female

The Avada Kedavra Shadow is not at all like her Crucio brother. She doesn’t kill for the pleasure, she does it because she has to. She can often times be found alone under a tree watching those around her with a bored and sometimes pained expression. When asked why she acts the way she does the reply one will get is it is because she feels she is the Reaper. She must kill to keep the circle of life spinning and as the Reaper she cannot form friendships with those around her. Eventually they will die by her or by another and then they will be no more. When she spots something with what she deems to have ‘No higher purpose’ she will immediately kill it. That basically means those who cannot think as she does. A rabbit, a mouse, an ant anything that she does not see worthy for life can consider itself dead. No one can change, or understand, the way she thinks. So don’t even try.

She is a dim gray colour not nearly as dark as her Nox sibling though she doesn’t much care for complete blackness. Her eyes are just as plain a slightly lighter gray. Her muzzle is a light pale gray sprinkled with freckles of the darker colour and the tips of all paws are the same light gray as her muzzle. On her right shoulder there seems to be the faint outline of a floating misty skull. She is of medium size and build and would she considered lazy and drab by the way she looks and lays around. Ah well. She never asked for anyone to be interested and it’ll be a wonder if she bonds, honestly.

Mindspeaks: #696969

Idiocy Abounds Platinum Azha

Bonded: 12-03-11
Bonding: Half Price Day Gift — Saiph
Rank: Platinum
Gender: Male

Could you really be any less intelligent? This Platinum certainly hopes not, because…seriously, there's a level at which you're just not going to be able to breathe any longer, and that level should not be surpassed. Generally quiet in his disapproval of just about everything, this Saluki's sharp eyes seek and destroy without even having to say anything to you. Nonetheless, given Shadowguards and their usual inability to form entire sentences, his tacit nature works; why wax eloquent when a simple Dumbass. will do the trick nicely? He may have a soft spot for you, T'Rae — which generally just means that he will try not to call you an idiot when you ask him for advice because hey, he actually is good at advice — but it doesn't extend too far. Occasionally some shiny or other will sneak past his boundaries, and he'll defend their honor just as he will yours, but for the most part…well, it's best to leave him to whatever it is that he does most of the time. Which is actually something of a mystery, never mind that he's never more than a few miles away. Whatever it is that he's doing, if you need him he'll be there in a flash, that natural speed not put to waste when you (the most important thing in his life, however little he actually shows it) need him. He'll do what you need him to, but take note: violence doesn't appeal to this Platinum. He's no guard-guard, and no attack-guard. His best weapon? His tongue, of course. It is mightier than his tooth!

Shadows play subtly across the snow of this slender 'guard's fur. He could nearly pass for white, but for the faintly silvered touches that show up when you look at him in just the right light. More a haze than splotches or spots, the silver seems to cover most of him pretty much evenly; perhaps a touch darker along his back and neck. He is neither large nor small, fitting calmly in the midrange of height at least — he weighs a lot less than you'd think, even seeing his slender frame. His fur isn't quite long, but it isn't short, instead a little on the whispy and thin side at — once more — medium-range in length. This fur lengthens on his legs, ears, and tail, an oddly whimsical counterpart to his stern personality. Dragging things back down to earth, striated flecks of mostly-matte blue mottle his soft hide. Though possibly close in color to the finest of sapphire, the striations of cream and gold through the stone-chips mark it as sodalite instead; a much more practical stone for a practical creature. It accents the silvery tint of his coat well, at least, as well as matching near-perfectly those hard blue eyes. This Shadowguard is an aristocratic fellow, his form ancient and useful, his mannerisms following suit. He's a quick devil, too; long legs and paws large for said legs carry him quickly over almost any terrain, while he's naturally agile. It's almost a shame that he's pretty much non-aggressive, physically!

Mindspeak: Italic #95B3C2

Platinum Hakausu

Name Meaning: Healer, the Vulcan term for Doctor; one who heals
Bonded: 05-30-13
Bonding: Birthday Gift — Zeph
Rank: Platinum
Gender: Male


It Can Be Funny And Logical Platinum Leanan

Bonded: 12-03-11
Bonding: Half Price Day Gift — Da'chetre
Rank: Platinum
Gender: Male

Breed: Irish Wolfhound
Gem: Topaz
Description: He might just be a ‘lowly’ Platinum, but for a Shadowguard, this guy is pretty big! Long in the legs and from nose to tail, he’s lanky and lean. In solid from, he resembles a Irish Wolfhound, complete with slightly long, wavy fur. His fur is both soft to touch in the body and wiry as it gets to his legs and tail and face. He’s mostly a mottled mix of a very pale grey and a slightly less pale grey, darkest in his face and ears and tail. His underside sports a soft cream, which is a convenient for the tummy-rubs he will occasionally demand of T’Rae. His eyes are a sparkling amber which matches very nicely to the topaz gems he sports. These gems are heaviest around his eyes and spread out on his face an back to the rest of the body, thinning out so there are only a few once you reach his tail and legs. It’s like someone took a fistful of sticky gems and threw them right in his face!

Personality: This is a canine of two different faces. One he basically only shows to T’Rae. He’s not grumpy at all as his rank might indicate when he’s talking to her. He smiles often, tongue lolling and tail ticking back and forth in a subtle wag. He loves cuddles from his bonded and often demands them when there are no other humanoids present. He makes little jokes all the time, followed by his own soft chuckles of amusement. He’s not a slap-stick comedian, though. His jokes are witty and cultured and more suited to a playboy than a dog. You might take note that this Shadowguard seems to be.. flirting with her? But that all changes when someone else shows up, and T’Rae might be surprised by this transition the first time she sees it! As soon as someone else is around, he becomes more the aloof and slightly bitter being his rank entails. It’s not to say he’s mean, but he’s just so… cold. He will suddenly possess a logic that might remind T’Rae of a few people from her old life… or might very well remind her in some ways of herself. And if something becomes illogical he tends to becoming very snappy and moody. He doesn’t do well when people are being irrational around his T’Rae, and you can count on him to chase off anyone who makes her cry without damn good reason!

Mindspeak: Bold #EE9B30