Serpens | 3

Invade Your Space Erkling Niatu Qlar'hy'ex

Name Meaning: Derived from Qlar'hy'es - Curiousity, curious/wonders about/is interest in/inquisitive about
Bonded: 06-25-12
Bonding: Something's Missing... — Meliai
Rank: Niatu
Gender: Male

Typical of Niatu, this guy is insatiably curious. While his lack of negative nature might make him a more attractive bond, he does have his faults. Mainly that he has no fear and no idea how to navigate social situations. As a result he has no concept of personal boundaries. There are no off limits questions. No, he didn't know your nap was a terrible time to ask you about the intricacies of herb gardens. He also has little concept of making friends and puts everyone on the same level. It doesn't matter if he's just met someone, why shouldn't he drill them on their dietary habits? While he can be very in your face at times, he's not loving or cuddly in the least. In fact, he seems to be rather unemotional. At least he tends toward the logical side?

A typical flat blue, there seems to be nothing too special about this Niatu. However, a closer look will reveal dozens or coffee ring like stains across his hide. They probably got there from all his late night ups studying or exploring. His fins rise up in a paler hue, plain and unadorned. In terms of size and strength he is pretty unremarkable. Perfectly average on the outside. Which is just fine with him.

Mindspeak: Italic #319ADC

The World Is Ending! Ivra Hishex

Name Meaning: Derived from Hishel - Stress, importance, significance, or emphasis placed on something; a mentally or emotionally disruptive or upsetting condition occurring in response to adverse external influences
Bonded: 12-13-12
Bonding: Serpen PSP Change Redemption]
Rank: Ivra
Gender: Female

She would love to make all kinds of terrible prophecies of doom and gloom, except for the small problem of she tends to scare herself. Get her started and it doesn't take her long at all to end up talking herself into a frenzy of fear and panic. Oh god! Oh god the world is ending! Isn't that just terrible what are we going to do DDDD8 ! And before you know it she's wrapped around your head, or your waste, or your leg, and just shaking with absolute terror as she bemoans how hopeless this whole horrible situation is. Really it's almost hilarious, a Serpen prone to falling for her own dark prophecies, so if you need a cheap laugh at someone else's expense she can certainly provide that, though she probably won't find it nearly as amusing as you do. The world is ending, we're all only seconds away from exploding and imploding at the same time and all you're going to do is stand there and [i]laugh[/i]! Dear lord you've all gone mad and she's the only sane one left! Someone help her!

As though a raincloud that only she can see hangs over her head, and certainly she would try to convince you that one does and it's right there, her body seems to be permanently hidden in shadow. A dingy shade of dust covers her scales, and even the thick streaks of rainbow across her body stick to darker shades, more like shadows cast by colored lights rather than streaks of her own skin. Even her eyes, though perpetually alive with fear and panic, are a dark and particularly sad shade of brown to finish off her darker color scheme. And with the way that she tends to cling on to T'Rae desperately
it's probably best to keep those sharp talons filed down into something a little less flesh-rending.

Mindspeak: Italic #97ACA1

Go Out With a Sneeze Ivra Kleenex

Bonded: 12-21-12
Bonding: The End is Nigh!
Rank: Ivra
Gender: Female

It’s hard to take her seriously, not because her prophecies aren’t plenty evil and ominous, they’re plenty of that like any self-respecting Ivra, or because she’s somehow small or meek, she’s as threatening as any Serpen should be. No the reason it’s difficult to take her seriously is because she perpetually sounds like she has a head cold. With a sniffley nose and a nasally voice it’s hard for he to say anything without sounding a little ridiculous. It doesn’t stop her from trying, she’s as much doom and gloom and end of the world, the doomsday will be upon us after all and she’ll smugly be there to say I told you so. In fact for someone who sounds like they’re sick all the time she’s really very smug and demanding, and it’s very obvious that she thinks herself to be very sinister and all kinds of nefarious even if she couldn’t sneak her way out of a wet paper bag. It’s quite hilarious in its own way, not that she won’t bite your face off for laughing at her in any way, for all the ego she seems to have she can be very defensive.

Pale white she actually kind of resembles her namesake. Small and thing and almost colorless, even her eyes are an extremely pale shade of grey that you would almost think she was blind if you didn’t know better. Even her stripes are pale, very small and thin lines over her body in pastel shades rather than anything bright or garish. She could almost be the ghost of an Ivra, but her talons are far too sharp an d leave very real marks on your skin when she’s done with you. No, it’s definitely her voice that is the most distinct thing about her, without question.

Mindspeak: Bold #CACAF0