Seraphelines | 4

The Hierophant Diamond Chryst

Bonded: 08-06-09
Bonding: In The Cards - Zee
Rank: Diamond
Gender: Male

A seeker of knowledge, this lord tends to be quite formal and disciplined. He has his own routines, which he adheres to religiously, and will likely attempt to set up certain routines in the household of his bond as well. And, undoubtedly, he will attempt to educate the others of his household as he has taught his siblings to be thoughtful and virtuous. He is very learned already, absorbing knowledge from anyone with knowledge to give, helped by his natural talent for reasoning and contemplation. Approach him if you seek sound advice and wisdom, for he is happy to dispense it. Beware his wiles, however, for if he will not hesitate to spin his advice to fit his desires, and although at first impression he is a trustworthy, gentle beast, there lies beneath a manipulator. He will not hesitate to bend the truth and will be ferocious in bringing down those who wrong him with his knowledge.

He is fairly small for a lord, but is nonetheless a stunning beast. This Diamond has the body a Sumatran tiger and the dark, narrow stripes also, but his pelt is snow white otherwise, crisp, clean and quite soft. His wings, however, are spectacular gold, the feathers almost shining with the metal’s lustre. His pure, sparkling gemstone has a slightly bluish tint, and is set above keen green eyes.

Mindspeak: #F0FBFF

Ancient Sanctuary Diamond Leonidas

Bonded: 04-30-12
Rank: Diamond
Gender: Male

Card: Archlord Zerato
Height: 3'2"
Length: 6'
Weight 235 lbs
Wingspan: 18' or 9' per wing

Gem: A handsome gem, this blue diamond is of the pale variety. It's colored like the reflection of the sky, a light blue that lends to peace and deepens when exposed to the brilliance of a clear sky overhead. The shape is just a little thinner at the top, like the finest of raindrops!
Eyes: Happy confidence hangs around in the sharp eyes of Leonidas. They're a little narrowed, almond shaped and just large enough to be noticeable. He looks almost as if he's squinting all the time, a sort of feline Clint Eastwood. Honestly, we're not sure what the females see in it, but it's somewhat attractive to them. Perhaps it's because his irises are such a fine, pure shade of cyan, the very same color as his wings. Perhaps it's the fine elliptical shape of his pupil that never seems to contract no matter how bright the light he faces… There is absolute honesty lingering in his gaze, as though he couldn't lie to save his life. This is entirely untrue, of course, but looking at the focus and even softness in his eyes makes you think that everything will be okay, because he is a force for good. They just shine with inner peace and eternal happiness!
Wings: He is certainly an odd one, but in that strangeness there’s archaic beauty to this Red Bird of Paradise. He is no good for long stretches of flight and does indeed prefer to hunt and travel on the ground. Rounded and even slightly heart-shaped when viewed from above, it’s a wonder that these short things can even lift him off the ground, but they do, for brief spurts, usually coupled with a long jump. His wings are more or less solid cyan, slightly translucent along every feathered edge to give the illusion of faded shades of the same.
Build: It’s easy to view this Diamond as imposing. Taking after a Serval, he’s got the longest legs of any cat relative to his body size. Long meteatarsal bones make him particularly adept at hunting partially concealed prey and manipulating objects, for his toes are unusually mobile. It’s no lie to say that his hearing is rather acute, what with those large, oval ears that sit atop his relatively compact head. He is a creature of refinement, with long limbs and polished features. He bears the demeanor of a peaceful housecat, his look one of false domestication. While he is slender he is no less skilled of a warrior, having learned to use his natural speed (around 50 kmh) to his advantage. He can leap horizontally twelve feet from a sitting position after staying still and “hunting” for several long minutes. In the air? Without even using his wings this cat can jump well over ten feet to capture prey!
Design: Lavender marks the throat of this Diamond, trailing off towards the center of his chest before picking back up and lining the insides of his legs. Handsome red coats him from head to toe. Each foot has been dipped in yellow, fading away a little above his ankles. Laid over this are orange bands, densest on the edges that fade away and blend with the brilliant crimson of his pelt. His tail mirrors this, while his face is a little different. Yellow runs out into his cheeks, while his muzzle is dipped in orange that blazes up the center of his muzzle. His Serval spotting is few and far between, dragged out into two elegant lines marching down either side. They begin at the corner of each nose, ending all the way down his tail. They're a little longer in places, as though an artist used his finger to drag the line along. They dip down into each shoulder and haunches, trailing away halfway down each limb.

Personality: One of the more middling personalities, this Diamond is tolerated by many and fairly well-liked in regards to his inter-species relationships. He is the perfect Serapheline for anyone that can’t handle the violent ties to nature that the other lords appear to have. He’s collected, typically quiet, and very relaxed. He’s a creature of goodness and light, and while he’s not entirely innocent, he is on your side. He understands that being good is not merely a matter of black and white, but that a little bit of gray gets mixed in. While he always expects better of his friends and pride he does not punish them for that which they are. It is wrong to hate the Requiae for feeding upon you, or the Flamma for sacrificing one of their own. We all must eat, we all must do what we believe is right. There is no crime in that- although, you can get into many good arguments with him over morals. He takes no flack for killing when he has to eat, or putting down a shiny too diseased or injured to survive. There’s a spark of mercy in his eyes, the compassion of a relatively serious young shiny that does what he has to do. He will not falter and will not break, but he will bend.

He might just look the other way when a hungry Fisi pup sneaks away with his dinner, might let an intruding shiny off with just a warning, for he knows that everyone makes mistakes and that sometimes the immoral things aren’t always as wrong as you thought. He’s highly intelligent; a problem-solver that commonly outwits his opponents rather than defeats them through brute force. An efficient hunter, his success rate is higher than 50%, making him a strong provider for the pride. It’s true that he does elude predators, but it’s more because he’d rather NOT see blood spilled, than because he can’t fight. He’ll hold his own with all the grit and spunk of that annoying hero that villains just can’t seem to squash.

His only fault, at least, the only one you will be able to find, is that he tends to be a little aggressive around his food, if you’re not some starving, poor shiny. He is a lord after all. Just let him have it when he wants it, and there won’t be any trouble. This shiny is one who remembers the fallen, acknowledges the sacrifices each and every one of his pride mates makes, and strives to avenge them (his definition is very loose; you don’t have to be dead for him to try and do right by you!). He’ll make good on his promises and try and do nice things when he has the time, as a way of thanking them for their service. Without them all, the pride could not exist.

You will get the same treatment as his bond. It takes two to have a friendship, after all!

Mindspeak: Bold #D1DDF3

Amethyst Tishau

Name Meaning: Care for
Bonded: 02-24-12
Bonding: Rainy Day Adventures Speedbonding — Teeka
Rank: Amethyst
Gender: Female

As though for a change of pace, her coat color is something that one might find on an actual tiger, that odd lighter hue often called 'golden tabby' when found in tigers. The fir on her back is a light, reddish blond, fading to white on her legs and sides, and her stripes are a pale, chocolate brown. Her wings continue this pattern, matching the color of her fur and stripes on the upper surface and on the lower surface the reddish color gives way to white. She looks a bit large for her rank, but that's just because of how thick and soft her fur is. The stone on her head is a pale violet, almost lost in her fluffy fur.

One word that best describes her is motherly. Though she may never have cubs of her own she is a natural when it comes to taking care of young Shinies of any species. No matter how strange or different they are from her, she has a knack for getting young Shinies to feel safe and get along with her. This could be something as endearing as her taking in a group of orphan Familiars until they are old enough to Bond, or as unsettling as her adopting a whole nest of angry Asids and patiently helping them all find their Bonds. Be careful, not every Shiny that she brings home might have needed her care to start with so it might be best to keep an eye on her at Bondings!

Mindspeak: Italic Goldenrod

Do You Like It Hot Amethyst Yontaya

Name Meaning: Burn, an injury produced by fire, heat, radiation, electricity, or a caustic agent
Bonded: 01-14-14
Bonding: Of snowflakes and chocolate Speedbonding — Arlene
Rank: Amethyst
Gender: Female

Okay bring on the oatmeal and the hot beverages, because this girl likes it the hotter the better. Five alarm chili? Phft give her 10 alarm. Heck give her her food while it's still on fire, she don't care. Makes you wonder if she has any tastebuds even left. This even follows into her attack on your thermostat to closer to 100 degrees. What can she say? She is a grown cat that knows what heat is good for. If you want to cool things down, you may just get a few claws. She has cream and black stripes and has a violet gem. She seems to be fairly on the lanky build as if all the heat gets a high metabolism.

Mindspeak: #CC00EE