Seedmorphs | 6

Tree of Knowledge Root Sakar

Name Meaning: Sakar was a famous Vulcan scientist similar to Einstein.
Bonded: 10-05-10
Bonding: The Magical Garden - Estrella
Rank: Root
Gender: Male
Patron Plant: Mango Tree

This Lord is respectable and impressive. He is intelligent, carrying himself with a knowing maturity and calm. This can go over the edge a bit though. With his carriage comes a sense of intense self-confidence, nearly falling onto the side of cockiness. He’s nerdy—he loves books, learning all he can about anything and everything. He enjoys spewing random facts and is fine with not getting out of the house much. And he has standards for those who he accepts into his circle of friendship. He’s such a fantastic guy, so naturally he wants to be around other exceptional people. You should be smart, mature, and generally as thoughtful as he is. This Root expects you to be able to carry on a deep, intellectual conversation with him. Those who manage to earn his respect will be rewarded with absolute loyalty and honesty—it’s just a matter of convincing him that you aren’t an idiot. Still, sometimes he’ll put up with others that annoy him just to boost his own sense of dominance. He likes feeling like he’s better than everyone else. And behind all of it, he really does have a kind heart.

The first thing you’ll notice about this boy is that the roots on top of his head are thin, wispy, and all intertwine intricately to form a figure that (if you stare for long enough) scarily resembles a human brain. His tail is made up of the same long, skinny roots that are plentiful among this Lord. His ‘ear’ roots are very bendy and moveable, tall and hardly thicker than the rest of them. All of these are a gentle grey-tan in color, much paler than his coat. Most of his fur is a rich, orangey-brown that seems to ooze life and freshness. It’s exceptionally pretty when in the sun. His paws look like they’ve been dipped in a dark, much less shiny tan. There is also a thin line of the same color running from his headpiece, down the center of his back, all the way down to his tail. You’ll notice his intelligent eyes are also dark tan as they lock onto you with that serious gaze.

Mindspeak: #A56B3D

Poking Out Your Eye Branch Him

Bonded: 07-06-13
Bonding: The Deadly Maze — Tidesweep
Rank: Branch
Gender: Male
Patron Planet: Assam Tea Plant

Short tempered and a bit (okay, a lot) fouled mouthed, this is one seedmorph you don’t want to get into a debate with. He simply won’t accept your side of the argument and will end up trying to end said argument poking out your eye. And I mean he will pick up a stick in his mouth and attempt to poke your face with it. Since you won’t agree with him when he is obviously right, you must not be intelligent enough and he will fix that. Although how poking your eye out or just poking you in general would help make you smarter is beyond logic. Just don’t question it. Luckily for everyone, he prefers talking to trees over humans and takes good care of them. Especially crab apple trees cause they make the best poking stick after all with their thorns or if you have especially angered him, a branch from the Manchineel tree. Needless to say, they are also his favorite thing to grow.

This seedmorph is as dark as brown can get before it goes to a black color. There is no other color to his coat. About the only other color about him are his head piece and tail which are a lighter brown when compared to his coat. Also, be careful of his headpiece. Remember how he loves to grow crab apple trees cause of their thorny branches? Well, whenever he finds a branch small enough, he sticks it into his head piece so it you come into contact with it, you are in for quite a surprise.

Mindspeak: Bold #088A08

The Happy Helper Leaf Kunli

Name Meaning: Happy, enjoying, showing, or marked by pleasure, satisfaction, or joy; emotional response to pleasure
Bonded: 08-31-13
Bonding: Peaceful Problems Speedbonding — Geoffrey
Rank: Leaf
Gender: Female

She's pretty simple, to put it simply. Her body is small and thin, wrapped with a coat of light spring green fuzz, while her long leaf of a tail and three leaves framing her head like a semi circle of a leafy mane are a pale spearmint color. A simple mind sits inside her head as well. Bubbly and happy, she seems completely unaware of the world around her, outside of being able to figure out if someone needs her help or not. She likes helping! Even if her services are actually wanted, she appears to be completely deaf and blind to any attempts to wave her off. Helping. 8D She's a good girl. She's helping. While you can't expect any world changing inventions from her, you can be sure this sweet cutie will always be ready and willing to do whatever she can to take care of you.

Mindspeak: #8CF69A

Leaf Teslau

Name Meaning: Repair, to restore to sound condition after damage or injury; fix; to set right; remedy
Bonded: 12-07-13
Bonding: Half Price Day Redemption
Rank: Leaf
Gender: Female


Grass Fred

Bonded: 12-21-13
Bonding: Daily Christmas Advent 2013
Rank: Grass
Gender: Male


Cure the Common Cold Grass Vasek

Name Meaning: Palliative, relieving or soothing the symptoms of a disease or disorder without effecting a cure; e.g. palliative cure for terminally-ill patients
Bonded: 12-20-12
Bonding: Daily Christmas Advent
Rank: Grass
Gender: Male
Patron Plant: Ilex Kudingcha [Holly]

To say he's a bit of a hypochondriac is probably a bit of an understatement. If you so much as sniffle he'll be there with some cough syrup and a nice cup of tea to soothe that sore throat and a nice cool rag to ease that fever, even if you don't have a fever yet it's okay you will shortly. When there's no sign of sickness he's a perfectly calm little Grass, friendly and overall rather helpful on most days. He's perfectly content to keep to himself and tend to his plants, particularly the little Holly plant that he brought with him. And if you need any information on what plants can or should be used in what herbal remedies and what can cure what, well he's the guy that you want to talk too. So long as you don't mind a rather long winded conversation, that is. No, it's really only illness that he gets paranoid and nervous about, you know how it can fester and spread and something as simple as the common cold can kill you, you know. Best to stomp that all out as soon as you notice it.

A rather simple little guy, his bushy fur is a nice warm tan color for most of his body, with streaks of yellow forming socks around his feet and up the sides of his nose, looking very much like grass stains, as though he took a nose dive into some tall grass. The long stalks that rise away from his head and trail down his back are a dark and waxy shade of green, taking on an appearance similar to the leaves of a Holly plant, with little red berries dangling from the edges. His tail is much the same way, with a faint white edging along the entangled blades, and bursts of red from the clusters of holly berries. Even his eyes hold the bright red shade, vaguely intimidating though he's completely harmless in nature.

Mindspeak: Italic #B52908