Rsphinxes | 4

Ever Seen A Male Calico? Valkaiava Savlaya

Name Meaning: Evasion, avoiding of a question or duty etc. by deceit or cleverness
Bonded: 07-28-11
Bonding: Cats 101 Speedbonding — Kayla
Rank: Valkaiava
Gender: Male

If you've ever seen a valkaiava rsphinx before, chances are you *have* seen a male calico. Somehow or other though, this guy got wind of the reality that Terran male calico cats are exceedingly rare, and he's run with it! Never mind they're not his species; he's special, and don't try to convince him otherwise. He won't believe you if you do. Not that he's excessively vain or at least, vain to the point of being obnoxious. He's drawn the line at being a snob, thankfully. There's definitely a healthy dose of personal pride at work, however. Combine that with a generally outgoing, slightly silly nature and the distinct orange, white and red-brown patches of a cinnamon calico variation, and you've got a colorful handful in quite a few senses of the word. Even the gold earrings in his ears are little pinwheels rather than something more standard.

Mindspeak: #7B3F00

Chaotic Response Banoi Asenoi

Name Meaning: Meditation fire pot, a firepot used to centre one's thoughts during meditation
Bonded: 04-08-12
Bonding: Happy Easter Redemption
Rank: Banoi
Gender: Male

Peace and quiet is perfectly acceptable to this Banoi, though he is friendly he’s not the most social Rsphinx you’ll ever find. Though that doesn’t mean that he wants to be alone, far from it he’d rather have someone close for cuddles, and that someone will usually end up being T’Rae. Prefering generally to be outside in the warmth and sunshine, and the occasional fire when he can talk someone into setting one up, and any time T’Rae steps outside she’ll find Asenoi there watching, waiting for her to settle into the garden where he can curl his fuzzy body around or lay his head in her lap. At least the Banoi is a peaceful presence, in a lazy sort of way that he can’t really be bothered to start a whole lot of trouble, so she’ll rarely find herself actually disturbed except for a little bit of purring from a pleased kitty. So he might mess up the garden from time to time, sand is just so nice and cozy to lay in, and sometimes he might go the extra step and actually make his way into the house because you happen to be curled up on the couch and that just looks mighty comfortable. A true cuddlebutt with his bonded as his favorite target, though he’s not too picky and will snuggle up with just about anything warm, and it really wouldn’t be to surprising to find himself wrapped around a lantern or otherwise nestled somewhere strange.

For the most part this guy is a creamy milk-white in color, though with a coat curled in little ringlets it seems more like foam than proper milk. Short and stocky for a Banoi, Asenoi is nowhere near being in shape, standing somewhere closer to six feet than seven at the shoulder he doesn’t take up a whole lot of space though, and when he gets curled up into a nice little puffy ball he can fit places that you could never imagine, it wouldn’t be too farfetched to find him curled under the kitchen sink if he thought that was the best place for a nap, you would almost believe it was magic the way that he can compact himself. What stands him apart from other Rsphinxes thought is that instead of a headdress this Banoi wears a mask over his face, a finely decorated cat mask with little jewel inlays. Mostly a rich dark blue in color with a darker navy border for detailing you have to wonder where he got his paws on this fine accessory. Good luck waking him up long enough to find out.

Mindspeak: Italic #1827F5

The Knight Banoi Babivau

Name Meaning: Designate, assign a name or title to' give an assignment to (a person) to a post, or assign a task to (a person)
Bonded: 03-07-13
Bonding: Through A Glass Darkly — Kuk
Rank: Banoi
Gender: Male

Personality: The Knight lives to serve. Which wouldn’t be half as depressing as it actually is if it wasn’t also very, very true. It isn’t that he doesn’t have any life goals or desires of his own, only that he has a tendency to, without fail, put the life goals and desires of others above his own. He doesn’t think much of himself, and maybe that’s the problem. He doesn’t actually have self-esteem. He’s self-esteemless. He tends not to think about himself at all, devoting himself to helping others, caring for his brothers and sister, or anyone who happens to cross their path, and it isn’t because he enjoys it, though he does, he is at his happiest when he has someone to care for and protect, but rather because he thinks so little of himself that serving others is all he thinks he’s good for. He isn’t a lord, and he isn’t beautiful, like his brothers. He doesn’t have anything to offer but what he is best at, and what he is best at is serving. There’s no shame in it, rather, he takes a remarkable amount of pride in looking after his siblings, particularly the Prince, from whom he never strays far. While affectionate in his own way, the Knight nevertheless has a habit of coming across as aloof, though his formality should never be mistaken for arrogance, as he could not be further from it. He is simply polite, exhaustingly so, and any amount of time spent around him, no matter how brief, inevitably results in the urge to shake him violently for being so frustratingly considerate and eager to assist. That doesn’t mean he’s going to stop anytime soon. He’s a people pleaser, a gentleman, and a knight. At your service.

Appearance: While he considers himself ugly, he is in fact quite the beauty, with the regal, albeit slightly awkward, given his youth, carriage of a true gentleman. Though he is the smallest of his brothers, he makes up for it by being long and thin, appearing deceptively large despite himself. His fur is a pure silvery white with no markings whatsoever, silky to the touch, though shaggy, particularly around his face and muzzle, and somewhat unkempt looking, as he does not invest much time in caring for his own appearance. His eyes, shrewd and icy on the surface, are the color of clear, flawless sapphires, complementing the pure, deep navy of his headdress. His posture is always severe, and he will never be caught slumping, or slouching.

Mindspeak: Italic #070719

A Timely Manner Mincera Kru-mina

Name Meaning: Appointment, the act of appointing or designating someone for an office or position
Bonded: 12-01-12
Bonding: Half Price Day Redemption
Rank: Mincera
Gender: Female

There are only so many hours in the day, and Kru-mina is going to designate all of them for specific activities and events. There is a time and place for everything and she is unquestionably the one to find it, you would almost think that she manages to find more hours in the day considering the way that she manages to get more done in half the time than most people. A creature of strict routine and organization, it's actually fairly difficult to upset her or to get her riled up, she simply doesn't have time for anger. It is, though, surprisingly easy to put her into a panic, spontaneity and unannounced plans predictably do not go over with her very well, and even the idea of her carefully laid plans dissolving can send her into fits of anxiety and panic. Most of the time however she is a very calm and composed feline, with an affectionate, if sarcastic and sometimes biting, sense of humor. It is not at all difficult to imagine her as a mother hen shepherding around her children, and if you asked her that is exactly how she feels about most people.

She is a very pretty and well kept Mincera, however, which she attributes to the amount of time she has set aside for personal beauty and cleanliness. You can achieve anything if you just make the time for it, after all. Her coat is short and sleek, giving her a professional and organized look only emphasized by her strict black headdress. A soft sunset orange serves as the base of her coat, with darker stripes spreading down from the base of her neck to the tip of her tail, twenty four of them to be exact. Beneath her chin though her coloring fades into an almost white shade, dripping down her chest and along her belly, giving her stern face a little bit of a softer appearance. Her headdress is a simple and unbroken black, unwrinkled and kept in impeccable condition so that it will always fall perfectly down to her shoulders. Even her eyes maintain her professionalism, a simple and straightforward grey color

Mindspeak: Italic #535047