Requiae | 1

Depressive Lament Samek

Name Meaning: Cold, especially of psychological coldness; without human warmth or emotion
Bonded: 10-08-11
Bonding: Blessed Be The Gods — Saiph
Rank: Lament
Gender: Female

Vibrant eyes stare out at the world as it passes by; but this Lament is just that — a Lament, what's left of something good when it all goes away. Her view on life is a little bit skewed from what it actually is, but trying to tell her so is something like talking to a brick wall. She's as stubborn as a rock and about as full of happiness as granite, taking life as it comes to her and not offering much in return. She is kind, sure, in an abstract kind of way, not one to go against the grain of her rank. She'll sit on your bedposts all day long, even, watching over you or your shinies or whatever you want her to do. She'll listen to your troubles, even ease your pain by feeding on it herself; it can't, after all, make much of a dent on her mental state. While this Lament isn't exactly overtly sad or mopey, her state of mind is far worse — she's just, well, apathetic. Not like her sleepless sister, though, not twitchy or out-of-it in any way. She's all there, perfectly cognizant of the world. She just…doesn't really participate, exactly, in said world. Instead, she watches calmly as it passes her by, rarely offering anything in the way of input on a situation except for perhaps a shoulder to lean on should you need it. She's not going to go out of her way to do so, and she's probably not going to go out of her way to make you feel any better, but that's life, isn't it?

Pleasantly dark-shaded, this not-quite-svelte Lament is fairly normal looking for a Requia. She's neither pale nor midnight-colored, instead a moderately pretty shade of stormcloud iron. It works well for this lady, though, shrouding her in the anonymity that she so thoroughly prefers. Even her striking scarlet eyes don't really drag her out of this cloud, instead staring with eerie blankness from an otherwise pretty silver-shaded face. Her legs are sturdy, her feet stronger than is entirely usual for Requiae — being vultures, their feet aren't designed for much gripping, but she could probably do some harm if she really wanted to. It's probably best that she really doesn't. Her wings are short and blunt, making long-distance flight a challenge, but shorter ones excellently managed if she puts the effort into them; her maneuverability is quite good. It's too bad that her lack of movement leaves her generally a little bit more heavyset than your average Requia — she could be rather impressive, if she tried.

Mutation: Samek has grown sleeker in design, a peacock in miniature. What is most interesting about her is her second head- fully functional and just as hungry as the other one. For the most part her colors have remained the same steel to identify her rank, but highlights of silver brighten up the long, metallic tail she has gained. Her body is a deep pitch black and a faint, heatless fire emblazons her wings. Each beak has been transformed into twin little leonine muzzles filled with sharp, sharp teeth. Eerie though it may be to be near her, she’s in possession of incredible strength; she can pick up things as heavy as a mid-sized Watch-Wher, all in those vulture’s talons of hers! Just hook up a little swing, sit in it, and she can even carry you, T’Rae! The change has enabled her to speak as well as any Serapheline. A fairly useful trait in a Requia, don’t you think?