Reijen | 2

Unforgiving Desert Sand Eshikh

Name Meaning: Desert, a region so arid because of little rainfall that it supports only sparse and widely spaced vegetation or no vegetation at all; any area in which few forms of life can exist because of lack of water, permanent frost, or absence of soil
Bonded: 12-01-12
Bonding: Half Price Day Redemption
Rank: Sand
Gender: Female

Harsh and dry, there is no patience or compassion in this Reijan. Though she can appear calm and even somewhat safe to approach it is best to never forget that she can just as quickly switch to the raging tempest that lurks just beneath the surface of her smooth exterior. The signs of her fits are subtle and hard to pick up on without years of practice and familiarity, and that only makes her all the more dangerous as she hates the closeness that breeds familiarity. She prefers to stay an enigma, she likes leaving you thinking that there's something that you don't know, so it is unlikely that T'Rae will see much of her outside of her fits of rage, a rage that is all consuming and destructive in nature, a rage from which there is no calming her down until she sees the cause of her anger satisfactorily destroyed. When she is calm, though, you would almost think she is intelligent, that there is a great deal she knows that she's not sharing. It's unlikely that it's true, but that is the feeling that she wants to leave you with, and to this extent she remains distant and primarily silent until something sparks the storm.

Dark, vaguely red tinted sand covers her rough skin, broken by a whirlwind of lighter shades that are swirled around her body in no discernible pattern, outlining her eyes and casting shadows across her shoulders and down her back and tail, a sand storm swirling around her body to match her angry temper. Her eyes are a hard and vicious yellow shade, her expression always guarded and secretive, there is a certain amount of paranoia in the way that she moves. Even her skin is rough and jagged, perpetually dry and occasionally cracking though she will insist that she likes it that way. There is nothing bending or forgiving about Eshikh, physically or mentally.

Mindspeak: Italic #B98134

The Rebellious Rulebreaker Sand Ornat

Name Meaning: Irritant, causing irritation, especially physical irritation
Bonded: 08-31-13
Bonding: Peaceful Problems Speedbonding — Geoffrey
Rank: Sand
Gender: Female

An absolute pain in the patootie. She'll be contrary just for the sake of contradicting you, defying any rules you make for the sole purpose of going against the grain and rubbing you raw. The only part of her that follows tradition is her love of open expanses, especially deserts, but seeing as most of the current weyrd is surrounded by jungle, she's become fond of hiding in the water and behind trees to pop out and scare the ever loving bejeezus out of people since she's not supposed to belong there. Hide the colour of dry sun-baked mud wraps around a frame built for pure speed over strength or stealth, bronzey markings splattering her feet and streaking her feathers in darker tones. Sharp eyes and an impish smile are brought out by the dried grass encircling each such eye above those smirking teeth. She knows exactly what she's doing when she breaks the rules, and she loves it.

Mindspeak: #B89851