Powlets | 3

Slave To Ego Rourage Feihan

Name Meaning: Boss, an employer or a supervisor; leader; person in charge; one who makes decisions or exercises authority
Bonded: 04-21-13
Bonding: P-P-P-POWLETS — Gwendolyn
Rank: Rourage
Gender: Male

Proud as he is striking, this Rourage likes nothing more than to strut about the yard puffing, ruffling, and showing off his gleaming feathers. Like most of his rankmates, he’s not afraid to throw his weight around in order to get what he wants, but this particular Rourage’s intelligence seems to rival that of a D’oren. He may not be able to talk, but he can certainly think. Prone to engaging in odd, ritualistic activities to relieve restless boredom, you may very well find him using his surroundings as an exacting obstacle course of sorts. Too clever for what he is, perhaps, he’s prone to little spurts of temper and maybe a little bit of sulking on the side, but hey—what can you do?

Big enough to throw his weight around, as any Rourage is, he’s still on the scrawny side for a Rourage. Frankly, he just wouldn’t make good eating (not that roosters usually do unless you pay a lot of attention but that’s well beside the point). His impressive colours make up for any lack in size though, for up close, he’s a veritable rainbow of every shade between deep crimson and golden yellow, different coloured feathers sparking flames across the large portion of his body, actually giving him a sort of middling orange appearance from a distance. But here, up close, his colours and shine are dizzying, and his lovely, arced tailfeathers, are as brilliant a combination of colour as the rest of him.

Smarter Than Your Average Blezur Wonil

Name Meaning: Thin, relatively small in extent from one surface to the opposite, usually in the smallest solid dimension; not great in diameter or cross section; fine
Bonded: 12-25-12
Bonding: Daily Christmas Advent 2012
Rank: Blezur
Gender: Male

Rather intelligent for a Powlet, if you can actually call being able to pick one shiny thing out from other shiny things and the ability to follow extremely simple instructions intelligence, this Blezur is actually quite proud of himself. Sure he's not as intelligent as any D'oren, he's not quite so cocky as to think that, and he knows any Rourage would trample him in a heartbeat. But he's pretty quick on his feet and he grasps the idea of tools, even if not entirely how to use them, and he thinks that's pretty good for a Blezur. He can help out he can be a little chicken pack mule or maybe turn the stove on though he might manage to burn himself in the process. He'll do anything to be slightly more useful than food, and that seems to be the only way that Raeri won't eat him.

T'Rae keeps him around mostly because she thinks he's pretty, having something of a soft spot for the color. Fortunately for him he comes in many shades of this color, ranging from her familiar sciences blue to something that would almost look like cyborg blue if it were slightly more radioactive. There's even a little bit of midnight blue mixed in there for good measure, and a bit of sky blue puffing out above his eyes giving him some very ridiculous looking eyebrows. It's also probably very good that he's small and agile and surprisingly good at short distant flight for a Powlet, because while T'Rae may find him Aesthetically pleasing there are several other members in the house that really just think he looks kind of delicious, which might explain why he almost seems to be smart enough to keep himself on a strict diet, as though he is determined to keep himself small and stringy looking.

Halivre Duh

Name Meaning: Goofy, silly; ridiculous
Bonded: 04-08-13
Bonding: Happy Easter Mutants
Rank: Halivre
Gender: Male

Other: Duh is a Peeplet. These Powlets are drastically different from their metallic, shiny counterparts. These Peep Powlets are fluffy, squishy, marshmallow-y and completely sugar-coated. I wouldn't try nomming them, however, they don't take kindly to that. And please, we beg of you, don't try to microwave them to see if they explode. Use normal peeps for that. Their sugary coat sheds like glitter, and it gets everywhere, though sometimes having them around when you're trying to bake cookies is a good thing. It is sugar, after all, and the color of said sugar depends upon their rank. Oh, and one more thing; they will be perpetual chicks, and they won't age to fully grown adults, like normal Powlets.