A stubborn woman, T'Rae is confident and strong-willed, with a tendency to be more than a little bossy at times. This has gotten her reprimanded more often than not, but also why she was chosen as Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Synapta when the previous officer died in the line of duty. A military woman T'Rae keeps calm and in control in a crisis, relying on the teachings of Surak to work through a situation. A child of the V'tosh ka'tur she works for balance to keep herself in control.

And truly it is only thirty plus years of these teachings that keep her in control. For beneath her collected exterior boils the blood of her ancestors. In the time before Surak the Vulcan bloodlust very nearly drove the entire race to extinction. It is only the dawn of the logical age that allowed them to survive. T'Rae struggles greatly against this bloodlust, quite possibly more than most of her species. So though she often works to keep herself in check, there are times when her emotions overpower her. This has occurred significantly more often since she asked Geoffrey to perform brain surgery to prevent her from going mad, and in the process accidentally forming the Kha'ka, a Vulcan engagement, between them.