Nogards | 4

Set Fire to the Rain River Ket'lio

Name Meaning: Burn, to cause to undergo combustion; to destroy with fire
Bonded: 01-24-12
Bonding: Year of The Dragon Redemption
Rank: River
Gender: Female
Song: Set Fire To The Rain -- Adele

Ket’lio has a zealous devotion not normally seen in her rank, this is probably attributed to the element she is strongly associated with. Conflicting elements are rife with this river as she wields the element of fire. She is not particularly skillful with it, being a aquatically inclined nogard, and it is often weak and difficult for her to control properly. The properties of her element display more vibrantly in her personality and appearance. When things are the way she likes them she is generally quiet and curious, a little bit fussy but generally good company. She goes about life with a balance and ease, a confident command over the world around her. When things aren’t going her way, or when something she thinks is hers is taken away, she gets angry and destructive. Preferring to destroy whatever is being taken rather than have it removed. This becomes a problem when she has a tendency to be very possessive of what she has, and has a tendency to being a little bit clingy to the things she has decided are hers, an entitlement that will never be broken. Ket’lio is not particularly trusting, her curiosity being of a wary sort, it takes a good deal of time of her to learn to trust, but when she does get attached it is a powerful trust, and hell has nothing on this girl if she thinks you’ve betrayed her.

A stunning example of an azure blue at it’s finest it would be hard to disguise this River anywhere. When she gets moving in the right light it highlights a white-grey sheen to her scales, like steaming shifting across her scales, this effect seems to be most vibrant towards her snout and down around her talons, where her scales take on a distinct grey sheen to them even when she is standing still. Unlike most nogards her body is the long and sleek form of an eastern dragon, all the more fluid for moving unhindered through the water. The ridges lining her spine break the distinct blue shade for a more indigo coloring, and the antlers extending back from her head are a just a shade lighter than that though you could barely tell. Short, fast, just looking at her belies nothing about her more destructive and snappish tendencies.

Other: Ket'lio has mutated to more resemble a Chinese dragon, developing the intelligence of a Dragon as well as the ability to move unhindered through water, conceal herself at will, and glow. As well as these mutations she has the ability to manipulate fire. She is able to create living, human-fist sized flames that extinguish after two hours, without any fuel provided. Just be mindful of the fact they do burn what they touch!

Mindspeak: Italic 0099FF

A Drop In The Ocean River Thezh

Name Meaning: Drip, drip
Bonded: 12-15-13
Bonding: Daily Christmas Advent 2013
Rank: River
Gender: Female

Lazy Bones Male Lake Nogard Kas'el

Name Meaning: Lazy, resistant to work or exertion; disposed to idleness; slow-moving; sluggish; conducive to idleness or indolence
Bonded: 02-04-14
Bonding: 50 Shades of Purple Speedbonding — Grimm
Rank: Lake
Gender: Male

Good luck getting this guy to do anything. He rather expects everything to be handed over to him, and he wants all his whims catered to. There’s no coaxing this guy to do anything…if you want it done, I suggest just sucking it up and doing it yourself. There’s no amount of annoying or pressuring you can do to get the Lake to even move, honestly. He rather enjoys being carried to and back to wherever he wants, and oh, don’t think just because he can’t talk doesn’t mean he can’t get his point across. There are other ways of getting around that, and he can be surprisingly smart when he wants to be. And stubborn. Really, really stubborn. He just might waste away if no one is willing to move over to him and put his food in his mouth for him. But hey, no one can really blame him, can they? If he’s smart enough to get whatever he wants, whenever he wants, then more power to him. He’ll be needier than even some baby shinies you know.

Unsurprisingly, the Lake is going to end up on the plump size. With him not prone to moving much, weight is going to be impossible to keep off him, and yeah, you’ll have to give him regular baths. Much to his displeasure. Dirt and filth will be all that much harder to see, due to his hide ranging from black to a deep, dark purple over his throat and stomach. Just assume he’s always going to be dirty. He’s not going to clean himself, after all.

Lake Muzh

Name Meaning: Pond, a still body of water smaller than a lake
Bonded: 12-07-13
Bonding: Half Price Day Redemption 2013
Rank: Lake
Gender: Female