Llanorte | 5

The Thought That Counts Xabrassen Gairich

Name Meaning: Cheer [Llanor]
Bonded: 12-23-12
Bonding: Oh Christmas Tree Reserver — Katsumi [Daily Christmas Advent 2012]
Rank: Xabrassen
Gender: Male

Cheery, helpful, hopeful, he's like all the major family holidays rolled into one. He loves everything about holidays, especially Wzztmas, and he decorates like a fiend, sometimes months in advance. He'll be by your side the entire season, helping prepare meals, clean the house, mail invitations, whatever you need. If its within his power, he'll leap at the chance to help, and I'd it's not, he'll still try with endless enthusiasm. Thankfully, his consistently joyous nature doesn't usually cross the border into annoying, as he is happy to leave you be if you make the request of him. He's all about following orders, though he definitely has a will of his own. Keep that in mind when you ask him to do anything immoral- he may do it, but he'll never forget it.

His smooth, reptilian hide is a gorgeous rusty orange, his underbelly a lighter cream, thin stripes of blue-grey running down either side of him. His eyes are bright, shimmering gold, and they shine with both affection and intelligence. Even his face seems to show a continuous smirk, cheery fellow that he is. The pelt attached to him by the leather collar is one solid shade of brown, save that is for the creamy paws on it. It seems rather dull in the shade, but put him in the sun (where he naturally chooses to spend his time anyway), and you'll see it show with a stunning russet shade, totally unexpected. He is frankly on the small side of things, not so extreme as to be considered a dwarf, but it's close. On the bright side, it really just makes him all the more cute and cuddly looking.

Mindspeak: Italic Brown

Balance of the Matter Telmenai Zharase

Name Meaning:
Bonded: 06-17-12
Bonding: The Five Phases — T'Rae [Redemption]
Rank: Telmenai
Gender: Male

There is a deep wisdom in this Telmenai’s eyes and words, and a calm aura that, while it doesn’t quite demand respect, is certainly worthy of it. A peaceful advisor of all his siblings and a masterful resolver of disputes, while he is an assertive presence, it is more out of a mutual respect than by any kind of force, people listen to him because he is wise, and even his Agrathne brother has given away to his advice at times. Though like any Telmenai it takes him time to properly warm up to outsiders he does honestly just want to see everyone at peace. Peace is achieved through balance and balance is something that this Telmenai has a deep understanding of, being more of an observer of the world than a participant he is best at seeing how all the parts function and where they have gone wrong. And when the world around him is at peace so is he, but when the world around him falls out of balance he will fairly quickly fall with it, fluctuating between phases of upset and listlessness. He is the least active of any of his siblings, and the more likely to be content on his own, in contemplation of the world around him and how everything interlocks. While he does tend to be stern his heart is in the right place and he only wants the best for both his bond and the world in general, and as he grows so will his interests, knowledgeable about many things but a master of none he will grow into a very well rounded individual.

While he is something of a giant, he at the very least a gentle giant, easily larger than most females and a challenge to many males, though he mostly lacks in any kind of temper and it is only his appearance which it is intimidating. Though his scales are a pale sandy brown beneath his coat, with streaks here and there along his body of even lighter shades, he is a well groomed Llanorte, even his coat is mostly well taken care of. The coat itself almost seems to be pitch black, with an effect similar to looking into a dark room after a day in the bright sunlight, and the longer you stare at it the more little details that your eyes start to pick up. Not so much in any kind of pattern as just slightly darker or slightly lighter spots, though what’s natural and what are past bloodstains is impossible to tell.

Mindspeak: Bold #0F0F0F

Ildalrae Ryzza

Bonded: 12-28-12
Bonding: Winter Wonderland Mutant Redemption — Desc'd by Katsumi
Rank: Ildalrae
Gender: Female

Searching for that Haven Hadriel Kavis

Name Meaning:
Bonded: 01-04-12
Bonding: Check Mate! — Emryn
Rank: Hadriel
Gender: Female
Song: Sleeping Stars -- Wintersun

Can you see them float in the night sky
Can you hear those echoes of their sweet cries, creating a tune
Can you see them shine so bright
Can you feel their loneliness through their cold light, touching you…

This llanore was actually born dead, yet thankfully for a passerby, life was breathed into her little body. She had been dead for almost ten minutes, and those ten minutes changed this girl’s entire life. If you ask her she will gladly tell you what she saw, though it wasn’t as exciting as one might hope. It was dark, that much is for certain, but yet beyond the darkness she could see small bits of light, similar to the stars in the night sky she would tell you.

Each one seemed to sing its own song. Some were very sad tunes, that made her want to cry, others that caught her ear were mischievous and taunting, and yet still some others gave her hope, and it was to those tunes that she drifted towards, and as she got ever closer to that light, the one that made her heart sing, it was then that she had been revived back into life.

She still hears those songs sometimes, mostly in the middle of the night, in her deepest sleeps. Many times she finds herself tempted to follow them, but she never does, she knows she has you here, her bond, and that is the one thing that keeps her from following the voices. Despite the callings she hears in the night, she still finds the darkness comforting, a place she is familiar with when she is not by your side. She avoids going out into a really bright sun if she can help it, though she enjoys the warmth of the rays, they tend to give her horrible migraines and these ill feelings don’t take long to sink in.

She mostly tends to keep to herself, though she does enjoy the company of her bond and others, she is more than happy to spend her time aloof. Her favorite thing to do is to listen to music, either sung by others, or the music that seems to come unexpectedly from the on goings of life around her. Despite her seemingly sweet tempered nature, she tends to be quite aggressive around others, especially when it comes to meal time, or making a decision of sorts. Because of what she went through and what she hears, she seems to think that it makes her input more important than others around her, and she will most certainly make that known to those who don’t know any better.

I am now alone in the silent light
And there’s nothing but darkness around me
Deeper into the unknown the strange light is guiding me
Wake me until it’s too late…

This slightly below average sized llanore sports scales of a coppery tone, such as a newly minted penny. Her underbelly and muzzle sport a slightly lighter coloring, whilst the tip of her tail and paws are darker. Her eyes are a creamy honey color, occasional dashes of blue can sometimes be seen, depending on her mood. Her pelt, tattered and torn, is a deep brown burgundy color. Not the very adventurous type helps keep it clean, which is how she prefers it. It made me old and tattered but it is HERS now and she plans on taking as good of care of it as she possibly can.

Suddenly I feel a warmth go through my body
But I feel that a part of me has died, I sense the change in me
I must have been away so long
So please stay with me for a while…

Mindspeak: Italic #CD2626

Only the Mad Are Sane Hadriel Wynys

Name Meaning:
Bonded: 09-11-12
Bonding: A Lovely Bunch of Coconutes — Khryssie/Geoffrey
Rank: Hadriel
Gender: Male

It's a mad world we all live in, and this male has come to the conclusion that in a mad world only those who are also mad can stay sane in it. Nevertheless the conclusion is one he's somewhat hesitant to fully embrace, his moods rising and receding over time, from letting go of his inhibitions and going wild and then entering back into an almost guilty kind of shameful reclusion. He doesn't want to lose control of himself but he's also convinced trying to stay in control is ultimately impossible against the chaotic nature of the universe, and survival is a very powerful driving force. As if emphasizing his ever more powerful draw to letting go of reason and losing himself in the unpredictable currents of the world, he starts off with a nose almost as white as his threadbare ivory pelt, and a muted green color emerges in a simple gradient over his body until his tail is a saturated olive green, like his wildness emerging from his previously immaculate mind, a mind both sharp and dangerous if he were to let go, visible in his bold and accepting blue-grey eyes.

Mindspeak: Bold #496825