Kyae | 4

Spirit of Good Cheer Female Vhao Kyae Raeri

Bonded: 12-25-10
Bonding: Secret Keehar Present 2010
Rank: Vhao
Gender: Female

Keeping the Wzztmas spirit of giving and laughter alive throughout the year is no chore for this vibrant Kyae, bright of both appearance and mind. Unusually for a Vhao, she is not that empty-headed and even seems very clever at times, even if she is a bit lacking in knowledge. She’s not especially book-smart but her wits are sharp and she makes a surprisingly engaging conversationalist. And she does love to talk – about anything, really, but she rarely strays away from topics of good cheer and good tidings. She’s quite friendly, often surrounded by companions of all types, and never turns down an invitation, often bringing gifts even if the occasion doesn’t require it. How she finds the time for everything, nobody knows, but she does seem to be always busy and active, happiest when she has something to do.

Oh, but her colouration is striking! Brilliant orange spills from her head to her tail, with attractive highlights here and there, eye-catching enough on its own. The most vivid of purples dapples her shoulders and haunches liberally, the spots stretching up her neck and down her tail for a bit. The same colour also covers her right forefoot and left hindfoot in bright stockings, and appears as a sparse mane along her back, long lavender spikes (the only pale hue on her) protruding sharply from the fuzzy base. She has somehow acquired a necklace of holly, the bright green and red plant clashing a bit with her colours, but she does not appear to mind. It’s not about what you look like, just how happy something makes you.

Mindspeak: #FF5E55

Stockholm Syndrome Xheir Female Syndri

Bonded: 10-15-11
Bonding: Truth or Die — Geoffrey
Rank: Xheir
Gender: Female

Personality: She's perfectly sound, honestly, she's sure she has her head on right and she is indeed a bright little thing, and she is such a sweet, well-intentioned thing, would never dream of hurting so much as a blind baby Psyder with pneumonia and three legs. But she seems to be a bit of a bad judge of character when it comes to who else is a good guy and who is a villain. Make that insanely bad judge. She is constantly a paranoid and anxious mess, and quickly assumes kind gestures are secret plots against her and outright cruelty is simply the actions of someone misunderstood and hurt who is in need of someone to come to their aid and defense.

Appearance: The Stockholm Syndrome is, to no one's surprise, an example of one of those unusual brighter, deeper colored Xheir, being mostly a distinctly aqua-tinged blue, a little too strong to really be considered pastel unless you squinted just right. She has occasional wispy cloud markings, light cream with blurry edges, making her look like the sky on an idealized summer day. She is a tiny little thing, easily the smallest of them all, with a skinny tail and stick like legs, and she's required to to tilt her head back to look any of her siblings in the eye.

Mindspeak: Bold #00FFFF

I Know What You Need Zhroe Let'thieri

Name Meaning: Peace (of mind), inner contentment; serenity; peace of mind
Bonded: 12-17-13
Bonding: Daily Christmas Advent 2013
Rank: Zhroe
Gender: Female

Mindspeak: Bold #E36C02

It's A New Era Khaev A'ri

Name Meaning: Correct, correct/proper/right/perfect in property/aspect in some situation by some standard
Bonded: 10-03-12
Bonding: You've Been Invited Speedbonding — Katsumi
Rank: Khaev
Gender: Female

Loud, sexist, and generally rude, this Kyae really isn't a stunning example of all that is feminine, even if she tries to convince you otherwise. She believes strongly in Woman Power(!) and will berate and complain about men so often, you can't help but want to point out exactly [i|who[/i| is in the wrong here. Classic to Khaev, she has a pretty bad attitude about everything, and she is far from quiet about it, but don't worry- she's not all doom and gloom. No, she acts more like a martyr, and actually could be mistaken for being a bit paranoid, assuming men are always talking crap about her. Let's hope you aren't too fond of them. Men, that is. She won't stand for too much socialization with the opposite sex, because they're all just a bunch of dirty pigs, and why would you [i|want[/i| to spend time with them anyway?

Her hide is a pale gray base, splotched with steel blue and dull olive green. These spots have no particular pattern to them, the majority clumping over her shoulder and hindquarters and becoming more sparse on her lower legs, tail, and face. She's not very attractive, unless you like the intimidating, almost manly, sort. She's fairly muscular from doing everything on her own- she doesn't need a man to do things for her! At the tip of her somewhat stubby tail is a dangerous looking dark gray barb, like one you would see on a scorpion… her bite is just as bad as her bark, many innocent males can attest to that. She's quick to lash out at any perceived threat, with dire consequences for the other party.

Mindspeak: Bold #2F4F4F