Kosaire | 14

Primeval Forest Matriarch Ceelesh

Tribe Name: Ceel
Clan Name: Lesh - Bear, to carry; support; to move while holding up or supporting; to hold up
Bonded: 01-09-12
Bonding: Colors of the Wind — Saiph
Rank: Matriarch
Gender: Female
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Autumnal motes of gentle gold drift absently down the soft mahogany coat of this smallish Matriarch, creating a pretty contrast in warm shades. The fur is neither too short nor too long, instead short and thick, plush in a fashion that's not entirely useful to warding off errant thorns but might stop frostbite for a few weeks solid. Over the bulk of her moderately rotund frame, this blend of topaz and burnt sienna swirls in vague streaks — almost resembling the last rays of a dying sun seeping across her, providing warmth to an already warm body. The gold dusts across the green roughage that blotches inelegantly along her neck and belly, melding nicely with the silver-green shade and forming richer, bolder combinations here and there; such as along and up her muzzle to between her eyes. The fierce contrast of gold, green, brown and vivid cerulean is surprisingly striking, oddly strong given the feminine and…soft feel of the rest of this bear. Look closer, though, and the resolve in her eyes is echoed in her even stride and demeanor, which could potentially be mistaken for wary if one wasn't looking closely enough. With careful surety that doesn't seem to come naturally, she moves through life without the same easy grace as many of her rank — she has to work for it, and it shows, unfortunately.
With hard-won style, this inelegant bear takes life in stride: come what may, she's not going to back down, no matter how much she wants to. Unlike her tempestuous Warrior sister who turned down the training for being a Matriarch, this former Scholar chose the route of her mother. Perhaps she'd rather be curled up in front of your fire with a book of herb lore, or even a thrilling fiction — she knows that this will come rarely enough, and has accepted this. She's a little too sweet-natured, a little too neurotic, a little too high-strung to fill the shoes set before her with any real grace…but she tries! She really does. She'll think for hours on a solution between two warring factions in your household, will work her hardest to figure out a solution that almost invariably sucks for all parties; including her. If she were a little more diplomatic, it might be easier, but she lacks terribly in tact, this little Kos, and what she does gain with age will be hard-won through trial and error. The best solution for who has to do the clearing of the lawn after a storm — Gryphons or Ikal'daka? …both. All. Somehow, she still manages to garner trust, loyalty; people listen to her! It will probably never fail to impress this Matriarch that she actually is obeyed when she deems it necessary, but well, she may well be too busy with her own thing to notice. Keeping a clean den (i.e your den, because she's small and somewhat more house-sized than some of her fellows) is very important, after all, and…well, she can't really think unless everything is orderly. Catch her in a harried, disorderly state of mind and you're most likely to catch the grumpy end of this generally-sweet creature — and an unending list of chores and tasks to do, if you're particularly annoying.
Not quite rainbows and sunshine, this Matriarch's mental headspace is nonetheless…well, peaceful? Whether a rolling meadow of wheat and all of the scents, sounds, sensations therein or a quiet beach, she keeps peace in her mind even if she can't impose it on the world around her. There's a honeyed quality to her voice, sending even harried rage into a realm of oddly gentle reprimand — but don't let her fool you! If she's angry, you had best consider that she's the Boss. Being The Boss has very few perks, so she'll take them where she can!
…order. She likes order. Peace. Somehow, she can usually eventually manage to bring it about. It may be hard, and her methods may be roundabout, but this Kos has a way of pissing everybody off to about the same degree. Once they're done whining, peace usually follows. Yay?

Mindspeak: Bold #7F2D05

Fogbound Priestess Fo'ihsek

Tribe Name: Fo
Clan Name: Ihsek - Fog, condensed water vapor in cloudlike masses lying close to the ground and limiting visibility
Bonded: 12-01-12
Bonding: Half Price Day Gift 2012 — Geoffrey
Rank: Priestess
Gender: Female


Older Than Your Years Priest Zui'ki

Tribe Name: Zui
Clan Name: I'ki - soul, part of the katra
Bonded: 11-24-12
Bonding: Winds of Change — Katsumi/Saiph
Rank: Priest
Gender: Male
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Frail and thin, this Priest looks older than his years; much, much older as yet, since he's only a cub. His fur is long and shaggy, just a bit on the thin side of healthy — just like the rest of him, honestly — and hangs loosely around his lean frame. It'll always seem a bit patchy, absentmindedly ruffled, and certainly ungroomed, but don't count on this Kos to care at all. While he probably once sported warm golds like many of his species, his recruitment into his calling seems to have effected this one just as much as any other. Only the faintest of golds still cling to his fur, dapples of pale sunshine here and there over a dusty sand-colored base. It pales especially down his belly and neck, while his paws and muzzle are almost grey, opposite of the warm golds still lingering here and there. The silver matches his eyes, sightless and pale even against his parched coat. Then again, he's hardly one to need any appearances, what with his calling.

Patient as the tides, this Kos is steady even for a Priest of his species. He has little use for frivolities or any sort of shenanigans, and although he is tolerant of that and more, he won't ever be one for participating in many of the Weyrd's more raucous lifestyles. No, he'll be plenty happy teaching the young, or communing with his Gods. They always have something interesting to say, after all, and rarely do they waste his time with the madness that the villagers partake in. While sometimes he may seem austere, maybe even severe, this isn't the case — he simply has no use for excuses, half-truths, or any other useless form of communication. He may patiently wait for you to finish with your ranting, but he will politely remind you that you're being rather foolish if you…well, if you are. He's nothing if not helpful, after all, and he really doesn't want for you to waste your time, either. Might as well keep everybody in line, right?

Subtle and serene, this bear's mind is almost easy to miss among the chaos of the Weyrd. You'll always have to actively be reaching for him, because his mind-touch is light, ephemeral; he doesn't have the wherewithal for anything more powerful. Towering rage is an utter stranger to this Priest, and at most you may find a stiff, icy breeze when he's feeling perturbed — but mostly, he's a gentle, calming kind of breeze in a gale of a world.

Mindspeak: Bold #ECD79A

Impossible Things Shaman Brusavensu

Tribe Name: Bru
Clan Name:Savensu - Teacher, one who teaches, especially one hired to teach
Bonded: 12-01-12
Bonding: Half Price Day Gift 2012 — Da'chetre
Rank: Shaman
Gender: Male
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Appearance: Though no longer in his prime, Bru is a big bear. He’s lost a lot of mass in his years, muscle giving way to a more spry and shaggy form, but he is still a force to be reckoned with. After all, a sharp mind is deadlier than a sharp claw, or so he would remind you—and prove to you, if you do not listen. Where once his fur was a dark, muddy brown, now that hue has faded, especially along his back. Age has gotten the better of him, put white into the longer furs that coat his dense, dark undercoat, pale hues seeping down into his face. His paws are hunter green, as are his ears and several stripes that circle his torso and lay across his nose. It’s hard to say if this is natural, or if he’s just been adding dyes to his fur in those stripes for so long that it just seems natural. Either way, you won’t ever see him without the green in his fur. A deep orange ‘V’ marks the fur on his chest, nicely accenting the yellow of his eyes.

Personality: From the old world where the Kosaire lived, he came across the desert to reach this place. And when he got here, he looked for a strong group of Kosaire to which he could lend his knowledge. He did not hesitate to join T’Rae and her Clan. Perhaps he even saw them in his future before he left his homeland. Whatever his motivation, this aging Shaman has a lot to offer. He is a believer, a creature of action, a beast of responsibility. He is capable of making any situation into a teaching situation, and he will do so. He doesn’t fear pain - in fact, it seems he is afraid of most nothing, really. Bru’s aim is to make the best of any situation, be it mortal peril or a tea time on the beach. He is not afraid to lift a paw against others, but never with intent to destroy - only to make them better. He sees beauty in everything, even the worst of monsters, and life is to be cherished. Taming a monster might seem impossible to you, but he believes anything is possible. Either he has an astounding imagination or he’s seen these things happen before.

His skills are heavy on the teaching of others, but he also is quite the seer. The divine spirits guide his every footstep, it seems, and he is not afraid to try and make it the same for you. Scold, he will. Lecture, certainly. But always teaching, always guiding. He sees into the future, and perhaps he is an expert at self-fulfilled prophecies, because he is very good at making sure that what he sees becomes true. As such, he is a dangerous creature. Crossing him will most certainly land you in a bad place. And though he can heal you from whatever ills may befall you, don’t be surprised if his rather sharp methods of teaching is what landed you there in the first place. Break you down. Build you back up.

Mindspeak: Bold #F0F0F0

Able to Change Hunter Eadator

Tribe Name: Ead
Clan Name: Dator - Prepare, to make ready beforehand for a specific purpose, as for an event or occasion
Bonded: 12-14-12
Bonding: Daily Christmas Advent 2012
Rank: Hunter
Gender: Female

Though as a cub she was something of a lonely wanderer it doesn't seem to have damaged this Hunter's attitude at all. Instead she saw it as merely a challenge, and while she may not have been alone for very long before being brought into T'Rae's household, she did learn quite a bit about taking care of herself. Comfortable in just about any Calling that she can find, her camouflage is strong enough to warrant training as a Scout, her tracking makes her a solid Hunter, her ability to fight and defend herself is keen enough for a Warrior, and her quick learning would make her a solid Scholar. Of course, as part of a Tribe she would ultimately stick to one Calling and be quite happy this way, it is rather draining to try and live as a one-bear band and she's more than content doing only the things that she truly enjoys, the thrill of the Hunt. Of course, that doesn't mean there isn't still some instinct in her to remain self sufficient, and she really doesn't mind helping out if one of the other bears could use some extra paws, she does her best to remain versatile and adaptable without letting her Hunter skills slack too much, and it's not so rare that she might be caught training with some of the other Callings every now and again. After all, she ended up alone once, there's no guarantee it won't happen again.

On the lean side she is quick on her feet, fitting into the smaller spaces that some of her larger cousins can't quite make, and offering her more places to hide and watch her prey, and equally her light frame aids her stealthy movements as she stalks her prey. A dusky blue grey fur blends her in with the shadows and the night sky, with the occasional wisp of a cloud to break up the simple matte coloring. Not all of her is dark through, on her ears shows a sprinkling of white snow against her darker coloring, and the same pattern can be seen over her black nose and dusting over the tops of her paws, giving her the appearance of a snowy mountain top against a night sky. Her eyes are a gleam of silver to break up the dark feeling, and though she is small she is quite pretty if she does say so herself.

Mindspeak: Bold #6F7984

What Once Was Lost Male Hunter Matalal

Tribe Name: Mat
Clan Name: Talal - Find, the act of finding; something that is found, especially an unexpectedly valuable discovery
Bonded: 05-30-12
Bonding: Birthday Gift 2012 — Da'chetre
Rank: Hunter
Gender: Male

Personality: When this Kosaire showed up in T’Rae’s life, he would be little more than a newborn cub. Just barely old enough to walk, he would be found wandering her property. The little guy was hungry and alone and all he could really tell T’Rae was that his mother had left and he hadn’t seen her in weeks. So sweet and loving, it would be hard not to fall in love with him, especially when the little guy was so easily drawn to the Scholar Rhyet—despite the hermit being, well, a hermit—and wanted to stay so badly. Seeing as he was an orphan, it wasn’t hard for him to consider himself a part of the already existing Kosaire group, and getting rid of him after that would have been impossible. Warm and affectionate, this guy wouldn’t hurt a mouse. Well, unless he was literally starving. And even then he’d probably feel really badly about eating the mouse, even if it was delicious. But obviously this Hunter is the berry-picking sort, which should suit T’Rae just fine. And he’ll beg the resident Scholar to teach him. Allll the time. Because what he wants is to learn and to grow and maybe one day be the most awesome Hunter that ever did hunt. Well, except without the technical hunting. You know what we mean. For a guy who lost his family as a baby, he sure does attach easily and make friends readily. However, this does tend to backfire a bit, as if he finds himself losing a friend, abandonment feelings do tend to crop up. A more sullen Matalal will rear his head, then, but only for a while as he pours over information and manages his land with unrelenting fervor. He will be the best so that no one will ever leave him ever again. He’ll show you.

Appearance: Small as a cub, this little guy will continue to be small as he grows up, but only in the height sense. As soon as he starts to get proper food in him, he’ll pack on the pounds, becoming a rotund adult that could probably go, for quite some time without food. Not that he will, being the skilled Hunter he is destined to be, but better safe than sorry, right? His fur is deep and shaggy, perfect for cold-night cuddling. His coloring is a bit unusual, possibly reminding one of a violet hued mountain range. His paws are a dark, dark shade that is a mixture of violet and brown, fading quickly into a more even purple tone. His underside remains dark, but as his fur rolls around to the upper portion of his body, the purple starts to become more white, streaking like clouds in a restless sky. His face is mostly white, but a blaze of muted lavender streaks up the bridge of his nose, highlighting silver eyes. Frankly, he doesn’t blend super great in most terrains, so it’s probably best he’s a gathering Hunter rather than a stalking Hunter, right?

Mindspeak: Bold #501594

A Regular MacGyver Hunter Noulof

Tribe Name: Noul
Clan Name: Lof - Purpose, the object toward which one strives or for which something exists; an aim or a goal; an result or effect that is intended or desired; an intention
Bonded: 11-24-12
Bonding: Winds of Change — Katsumi/Saiph
Rank: Hunter
Gender: Male
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Not so much big as, well…hefty…this Hunter is nonetheless rather light on his feet! He'll make a fine specimen; capable of moving through the jungle quickly and quietly, light on those rather large paws, somehow managing to maneuver that rotund belly of his in and out without much of a sound to mark his passage. With remarkably soft fur and all that extra fluff, he'll also be rather nice to cuddle, and he's not even all that opposed to the idea! Warm amber eyes are watchful and curious, bright interest showing in place of the judgement or ire of many of his siblings, and intelligence he has in spades! Not that you'd know if you simply judged him by his cover; after all, he's fairly plain, all-told. His fur is a warm color of brown somewhere in the range of fired clay, dark on top and paler with his downy undercoat, not varying much over his decidedly bear-ish frame. He's not all that imposing, either, in spite of his bulk. Maybe it's all for the best, though? Nobody expects him, after all!

A bear's bear through and through, this Kos isn't one you'll have much success keeping near the homestead. No, he really was meant to hunt and gather for his family, and he takes that job quite seriously. Sure, it's fun for him to find new and interesting ways to keep you and your shinies fed, but it's also his duty as a Hunter. Which mostly just means that he has a very good excuse for not taking you up on any invitations to sleep inside, or even stay too close to any enclosures. If you venture into his world, on his terms, though? Oh, he's more than happy to show you it! He will quite merrily talk your ear off, explaining things at warp speed and really expecting you to keep up, so…take notes or something, because there's usually a test. And by test I mean that he's been telling you how to stalk a rabid buffalo as you're stalking a rabid buffalo and yes he really does expect that you help him take it down. What else are you there for? At least he can fix you up if you get injured; he's got a very good grasp of field medicine.

At once a flash-bang of victory and an impenetrable shadow, Noul's mind isn't exactly the easiest to decipher. He can't seem to decide whether to announce himself to the entire world with a joyous chorus or hide in the shadows, and it shows with his every word! Don't mind the dizzying array of mental imagery or the occasional too-strong tone he takes; he doesn't mean to be heavy-handed, it just kind of happens.

Mindspeak: Bold #691F01

You Don't See What I See Male Scout De'thin

Tribe Name: De
Clan Name: D'thin - Cconscious, knowing and perceiving; having awareness of surroundings and sensations and thoughts
Bonded: 08-30-12
Bonding: My Turn! — Reserve Redemption - Da'chetre
Rank: Scout
Gender: Male

Image | Inspiration
Appearance: This shaggy beast isn’t particularly big as Kosaire go, running a little on the small side of average. He doesn’t have a lot of bulk to him. He seems to be built for agility, actually, which lends well to his springy personality. His black claws are surrounded by a deep brown fur that slowly fades up to a creamy tan by time it reaches his face and back. The long fur on his back is frosted on the tips with an off-white that makes it just seem like he’s been sun-bleached from all the time he spends outside. He blends in well to his surroundings, and with his dark belly he might very well take a nap on his back in the foliage and you would never find him. Not that he would sleep on the job. Probably. One can hope. At any rate, his green eyes are a nice contrast to his otherwise earthy fur, almost lime-green in their hue and almost always open wide to take in everything he might missee.

Personality: He really is a good Scout. He has sharp eyes and a keen mind and nothing gets past his watch. Well, at least it wouldn’t if he didn’t have a bad tendency of misinterpreting things. A lot of what he scouts out is based on context—you have to be careful about telling him things should be safe. Because if he thinks no trouble is coming, he won’t look for it. He’ll see that Reijan come trotting up to your property with a bloodthirsty gleam in his eye and he’ll just assume the poor thing is hungry and will send someone to fetch something for the poor thing to eat. And he will actually be genuinely surprised when that Reijan makes om noms out of all your firelizards. Because honestly, he did not see that coming. On the other side of the coin, if you tell him to keep a close eye on things because bad omens are afoot, he will see danger in everything. That particularly large cotton spore floating past? Watch out, don’t let it touch anyone! It will be the death of us all! Quick, someone get an Arath over here to blow it far away!

So the trick is to find a nice medium—that’s easier said than done, though. He’s always going to end up letting something slip through that shouldn’t be let through, or he’s going to keep your expected guest away because they smelled funny to him. He really sees things based on his mindset, and it’s hard to say which is the worse choice. Still, it’s hard to be upset with him, as he does do his best. Maybe someday when he has a little experience he’ll stop misinterpreting everything based on a wildly inaccurate point of view, but until then it’s probably best if you put him to work alongside a more reliable Scout so they can interpret whatever it is that he sees coming.

He’s a bright and active boy with a quick gait. He’s prone to laughter, but he’s very easy to make feel guilty, so beware alienating him with words that are too harsh. He also likes to lurk in bushes while scouting, popping out at the most random moments to surprise anything that crosses his paths. Really, for such a big species of Shiny, he is surprisingly stealthy.

Mindspeak: Bold #34CA16

Gentle Death Scout Loa'tha

Tribe Name: Loa
Clan Name: a'Tha - Philosophy - Immanence, direct experience of the being/force of universe
Bonded: 07-30-12
Bonding: You must be lost to be found Speedbonding — Meliai
Rank: Scout
Gender: Male

This kos will grow to be quite large for his rank. It is good his gentle and patient nature will make use of his brute strength only on rare occasion. His fur is short and sleek, but a touch will reveal it's stiff and bristly nature. None of his soft nature has translated well into his physical appearance, right down to his oversized paws that root him firmly to the ground and give him superb balance. His movements are never hurried, as quickness is not easy for him. His coat is a pearly lustrous black, with hints of forest green, particularly along his broad shoulders and down his back where the sun touches him most. His eyes are a striking against the dark coat. They flare up in a bright, fiery orange. The paint he may sport as a scout tends to be simple in design, but practical as the situation calls for.

This scout is steadfast and stubborn most of all. He is also unafraid. If his opinion differs from yours you can be sure he will never back down. These qualities are the same ones that make him gentle and patient. The card the represents this Kos is Death. Not because he bears it in any form, but because he relishes in what follows. Every coin has two sides. Every death is only the rebirth of something new. It is this new growth that he nourishes and supports. Expect him to encourage you to see the other side of things in everything you encounter, even if he has to play devil's advocate sometimes.

Mindspeak: Bold #003300

Wind Cut Warrior Nekeshu'a

Tribe Name: Nekwitaya - Force, physical energy or intensity; a powerful effect or influence
Clan Name: Da-eshu'a - Tornado, a localized and violently destructive windstorm occurring over land characterized by a funnel-shaped cloud extending toward the ground
Bonded: 12-01-12
Bonding: Half Price Day Gift — Lucas
Rank: Warrior
Gender: Female

Reminiscent of MOUNTAIN RANGES of a blackened stone covered in powder snow and ice, this female is large in size and quite noticeable with her nearly stark white pelt. She’s got coal black over her muzzle, just at the tip by her nose, and black pads of her paws which you may be unfortunate to see should you anger her or irritate her enough to have her rear back to her full, massive height, standing well over six feet on her hind legs. She’s thick in size as well, bigger is better, and has a thicker, shorter muzzle than the polar bear that her coloration resembles. She often enjoys being painted with simpler tribal markets, tending towards rounder shapes and circles, almost always using coal or black ink to match her markings.

Nekeshu’a is very proud of her name. She loves wind and all of its properties, that you cannot see it, that it may punish or reward, and that it is a force that you may very well underestimate. While she is peaceful as most Kos are, she is a bit more inclined towards aggression and offensive tactics than others may be of her species. Why not scare away the pack of Fisi before they can even think to sniff the cubs of the tribe, or add a bit of intimidation if a negotiation is not going so well? There’s a fine line between being peaceful and being a pushover, and Nekeshu’a is determined to never even step into the latter category. She’s strong, she’s brash, and she’s protective, all characteristics that make her a fine warrior indeed. She’s also loyal almost to a fault, so much so that your safety may, to her anyway, sometimes matter more than your choice. And while she does not initially think that way in the moment out of worry, there may be times in which she must be told to step back allow things to play out on their own. She’s a strong advocate of force and action, so sitting back and going with the flow is difficult for her under most circumstances. She’ll take what she wants, so long as it’s for the good of her tribe and her bonded.

Mindspeak: Bold #F18F5D

Wary Guardian Warrior Nerien

Tribe Name: Ner
Clan Name: Nerien - First officer, the second in command of a vessel
Bonded: 12-01-12
Bonding: Half Price Day Gift — Saiph
Rank: Warrior
Gende: Male

Some Kos may be mistakenly categorized, may end up performing tasks they're really not suited to — but not Nerien. No, Nerien is and always would have been a Warrior. No doubt about it. Even just looking at his physical form, it's clear: in the subtle stalk in his gait, the bulk of his shoulders, the hard look in his brown eyes. He's careful, constantly on watch, and don't bother trying to stand up for yourself. It's his instinct to put himself between you and danger, and his gut leads this big fellow. Yes, he is rather large! Fitting in his Warrior status, he's every inch a stereotypical fellow in form, anyhow. Tall, broad-shouldered, large-headed and quite muscular, he definitely knows how to part a crowd! He blends in more than your average Warrior, however, for all his bulk and lack of concern as to who sees him. A soft algae covers most of his coarse fur, but it's somewhat hard to spot it beneath his markings. Tendrils and strips of dark grey-brown drift here and there, while splotches of pale gold vie for position beneath the haze of warm gold-green that melts down his topline. He darkens considerably towards the ground, this bear: from a darker jungle-green to muted brown along his paws.

His mind is, simply, suited for the task of his rank: calculating, calm, wary. He's got no time for the shenanigans of more playful bears, and he'd really prefer if you didn't indulge them, because while he is quite good at his task, he'd rather not test the limits of guardianship. After all, better safe than sorry! And better paranoid than dead, too, for that matter. Paranoid, Nerien? Maybe just a bit, but it's for a good cause: Keeping you and his — your — clan safe. He works quite hard to manage this task, for all that you might not always see it. Unless you're actively marching towards danger, he does his best work as a background player, watching and waiting for anything even slightly off. In the background, he can observe, and it's best if you and others take the stage anyhow. What would it look like, a gigantic bear trying to steal all of the attention? Not so very sane, really. Still, when the situation calls for it, he's quite content to leap into the spotlight — leap right on in and neutralize any threat that should happen across your path. He's got about as much sense about jumping into dangerous situations as you might expect from a warrior, after all. That is to say, well, not much.

Nerien's mind is well-suited to a Vulcan. A still cavern, a calm temple, a quiet, blank space: it doesn't so much matter what imagery he uses as the feeling. He is a very calming presence, this bear, and he works to extend that over those who he serves. Even in the midst of dragging you out of danger his mind is at ease, but lurking just beneath the calm is a river of constant calculations; best not dive into that, though, it's not very soothing.

Mindspeak: Bold #AEBC36

My Music Female Scout Netvelkau

Tribe Name: Net
Clan Name: Tvelkau - Tune, to put into proper pitch; to adopt or adjust, especially in order to bring into harmony
Bonded: 04-23-12
Bonding: Ravers Fantasy Speedbonding — Altair/Maeko
Rank: Scout
Gender: Female
Song: My Music by Nightcore

When I’m alone and feeling down,
When there is nobody else around…
There’s always one thing to keep me save and warm,
There’s always one thing, my shelter from the storm…

True to her rank, this Scout is more than happy to keep a look out should you need her to. However, she has a bit of a weakness, which is readily apparent by the bear-sized headphones she totes around her neck. She's wonderful at finding music, though she doesn't exactly cling to the techno beats that the others seem to. The bear is a bit of a underground music lover, though she tends to lean towards instrumental or songs whose lyrics hold special meaning. On a non-musical note, while she tends to spend a lot of time to herself, she almost always has some sort of way to keep tabs on your well being. Little is missed by the female, and just like her music is a comfort zone for her, she will in turn be a comfort zone for you.

They will never understand what makes us whole,
They will never understand, they just can’t control…

Her fur shades out evenly in a charcoal colored gray, that is when you're able to see it. She has a tendency to keep herself colored much like a Forest Trail. Greens and dark browns make up the majority of her fur, while patches of gold and russet line her at the occasional patchy area. Towards her paws and under her stomach the color levels out into a pure orange-red color, which off-set her bright golden-brown eyes nicely. Her previously mentioned headphones are camouflage patterned, in the usual green-brown-darker green colors.
This is my music, my music, can’t take that away,
This is my music, my music, no matter what they say…

Mindspeak: Bold #0CB5A0

The Navigator Scholar Pulayau

Tribe Name: Pul
Clan Name: Pulayau - Present, to be present
Bonded: 12-01-12
Bonding: Half Price Day Gift — Zeph
Rank: Scholar
Gender: Female

While she could conceivably be a Hunter or a Warrior due to her bulky frame, Pulayau was drawn towards the ways of a Scholar from the very beginning. Her appearance seems almost fitting in that regard, with jet-black fur from nose to tail, each hair tipped with enough silver to make her shimmer under the right light. She's large in stature, standing at nearly six feet tall while on all fours, yet there's a roundness to her features that gives her an air of grace.

Pulayau is a little different from other Scholars due to her area of study, being fascinated with the many ways in which humans get around without the aid of technology. As such, she has devoted herself to learning how to navigate both by day and by night, memorizing the height of the sun and the position of the stars, planets and other celestial objects according to the seasons. So while she can often be difficult to find due to her constant wanderings, Pulayau will gladly share her knowledge with you when she is around. When not studying, she is warm and caring, taking pleasure in just being with her bonded and learning from them. She knows that her area of study is narrow and so takes steps to broaden her knowledge base, doing her best to apply whatever she knows to the situation at hand. She might seem overbearing at times because of this, but she means well and simply wishes for understanding and guidance from you.

Mindspeak: Bold #303030

Time's Certainty Male Scholar Rhyeht

Tribe Name: Rhye
Clan Name: Yeht - True, consistent with fact or reality; not false or erroneous; real; genuine; reliable; accurate; faithful , as to a friend, vow, or cause; loyal
Bonded: 01-11-12
Bonding: Colors of the Wind — Saiph/BPSP Redemption
Rank: Scholar
Gender: Male

Dust drifts absently over the rusty, clay-toned coat of this smallish Kos. Wiry and thin, he keeps himself in moderate shape but — he's not much to look at. Not that he really wants you to look for too long at him, or cares what you see when you do. Still, he can scrabble over cliffs that his larger fellows wouldn't dare, and he's got much more strength in his forearms than most of them. His legs are a little longer, too, than some of his fellows; or perhaps that's a factor of his short, sleek fur. He looks much more sleek and slinky than many Kos, for this, tall and thin and perhaps a little gawky even in adulthood. Still, he's a handsome specimen, with a fine, wide muzzle and kind sky-blue eyes. The same blue, perhaps a shade paler, drifts lazily down his neck and bony shoulders, then down his back and to his tail, getting paler swiftly as it tracks down his sides. This shade contrasts nicely with the dusty clay of most of his fur, while the paler shade of his paws and muzzle is soft, barely-discernible. While most of his kin sport longer guard hairs that give their coat a two-toned appearance, this Scholar does not; thus, the gentle blue and warm rust seem especially shiny, and perhaps more uniform than is normal.
Warm and welcoming, this Scholar exemplifies what it is to be a Kosaire — in personality, if not in appearance. He is clever, if not particularly inspired to invent beyond what his tribe or clan needs, calm, affectionate to those who he loves and fiercely protective of said loved ones. Perhaps a little on the sleepy side, he spends more time than is entirely normal sunning on a warm rock or curled up in front of a fire with a book, but can you really blame him? Compared to where he came from, the warmth of the jungle is bliss! He is a veritable ambassador of his rank, too, with extensive knowledge of…well…just about everything. It's not entirely clear how he does it, but if you need help fixing the plumbing to your house, he's got that. If you need to know what herbal tea helps most with aching joints? Sure. He knows that, too. Ancient tools? Yep. Ancient tribes that might return as ghosts and kill everybody? Mmmhm. It only grows as time goes by, this encyclopedic knowledge — but he doesn't flaunt it. It's simply there, and if you ask him, he'll usually tell you, but he's not one to share it with the whole world. In fact, he actually kind of skimps on the 'teaching the future' thing, because he's kind of a hermit. Not to the point of rudeness, but he just prefers his books to you, or your cubs, or…most people. It's nothing personal. When approached, at least, he is gentle and warm, rarely showing any sort of a temper even with the most reticent of pupils. He's not cruel. He just loves to learn a little more than he loves to teach these things that he learns.
Sleepy rivers of lazy warmth carry his voice, accompanied by exotic scents and odd sensations. Unnamed stars drift through unidentified flowers; fields of flowers nobody else notice may mark happiness, or perhaps a sandy pink coral beach. Contentment tastes like berries and sunshine, warmth exuded in the spicy scent of the leaves that one disturbs in their meandering explorations of an unexplored forest. Rarely given to anger or strife, the slow progression of gentle sensations will nonetheless vanish, replaced by the roar of an angry river or the thunder of a growing landslide.
Obscure knowledge. Places, plants, animals, things most people don't even think about. Did you know that the scientific name for that pink flower that's definitely poisonous is deathby shinyfloweri? No? He does.

Mindspeak: Bold #E46424