Kanbi | 1

I Soooo Kawaii ^3^ Two-winged Female Ameelah

Name Meaning: Vulcan dessert tasting much like fried bananas
Bonded: 11-19-12
Bonding: Monster Mash — Da'chetre
Rank: Two-wing
Gender: Female
Inspiration: One | Two | Three

She might be the only lady in this little group of Kanbi, but she makes up for the lack of femininity in the group in copious amounts! She is easily the cutest among them, her trills and squeaks perfectly adorable and you'll feel all sorts of melting in your heart when she comes cooing up to you… if you're the type to find cute endearing, that is. Otherwise, she's like the sugar that gives you a tooth-ache. She really is seven kinds of 'kawaii'. She has a special talent, too, which makes her even more cute! She spins her webs from her adorable little mouth with amazing accuracy, creating images with the webbing, almost like lace. Hearts, teddy bears, flowers, kittens, stars~ if it's adorable and pretty enough, she'll make it out of gossamer string. Don't you just want a house decorated with this stuff? She sure does!