Ikal'Daka | 3

Gotta Be More Rahwenress Xhandal

Name Meaning: Challenge [Drow]
Bonded: 11-11-10
Bonding: Dearly Departed — Altair
Rank: Rahwenress
Gender: Female

'Cause I'm in it to win
Nothing but time on my side
Anywhere I choose
'Cause I wasn't built to lose…

Competitive is only one way to describe this girl. Challenges, doesn't matter what kind they are, you can bet she'll be up front and center to take you on. Fighting, mind tricks, simple trivia. It doesn't matter, for she will win, and you will go home in tears because of this. She's fiery, often times acting on impulse whenever some sort of challenge pops up. She may never make the best mother, and often times her Phorrah or her bonded will be dragged off with her, but she means well at heart. Don't think she's impatient about it all either. Oh no, if she needs to, she will wait days just to make sure that she wins…whatever it is. Heaven forbid you decide to just let her win too; you will never hear the end of her demands for a rematch. She's a handful, but with a strong bond, she won't run amok…Hopefully.

'Cause I'm one who will survive
The ones you eat alive
And nobody puts up a fight…

Drab gray fur cover this rowdy Rahweness, her soft, misty green eyes hiding a spitfire of a personality. Two thick black markings cover each leg, with ample room between them. Her paws are large, her legs are long, and the way she watches everyone shows that she's just looking for a reason to jump ahead of you. Her fur is well groomed, but plain, and her black trimmed tail is rather thin compared to her sisters', but it's not the outside that counts- she's got will to win, and scars to prove that winning has no price too high.

There has gotta be more
There has gotta be more…

Mindspeak: Italic #24AE3A

The Wild Rover Zanjur An'yui

Name Meaning: Answer [Drow]
Bonded: 12-03-11
Bonding: Half Price Day Gift — Tanis
Rank: Zanjur
Gender: Female

No matter how skilled you are, sooner or later you’re going to run into a dead end. What you do when you reach that point of no return is up to you, but one thing’s for sure: An’yui will be have your back no matter corner you find yourself backed into. Savvy, smart and eternally prepared, she’s the shiny you want by your side when the world comes to an end. She’s imaginative enough to think her way out of most messes and silver-tongued enough to talk her way out of whatever problems she can’t outwit. As much a gifted linguist as the next Zanjur, she delights in spinning wild stories to snag the attention of whomsoever she’s decided to befriend. Or seduce. Speaking of seduction, she’s rather charming for one of her rank for all that she rarely confines her affections to a single male at a time. All and all she’s a loving, wise creature who’ll be your best friend so long as you leave her room to run wild. Don’t worry, she’ll come back, and always just in the nick of time.

Simple in appearance, An’yui is a classic example of Zanjur beauty- beauty?- at its finest. She’s on the tall side for one of her rank, closing on 5’5” whilst standing straight, and possesses a naturally lanky build well-suited to distance running. Her pelt is a light, foggy shade of grey shaded with darker pewter around the bases of her ears and the tips of her paws. The narrow silver bands about her muzzle are pale enough to pass for white, if you really tilt your head and squint. Her eyes, though recognizably turquoise, shade more towards green than towards blue.

Mindspeak: Bold #18C680

The Pride of the Crows Kyorli Zav

Name Meaning: Clever [Drow]
Bonded: 10-09-11
Bonding: Campfires and Ghost Stories — Kythen
Rank: Kylori
Gender: Male

Character: Zevran
Unusual for an Ikal’daka, there isn’t a speck of grey to be found on Zav’s body. Call it was Wzztmas miracle if you will, or perhaps Saint Keehar punishing him for his less than savory deeds of the year, either way he’ll never be mistaken for your average Kyorli again. A deep forest green takes over his body, mixed with hints of slightly darker shades that blends him easily with the shadows. The mask that wraps his eyes is equally changed, a hard-edged shade of burnished gold that wraps his ever-changing dark eyes. The only thing that has remained the same after his change is the thing that already marked him apart from his rank-mates, the curving black lines that lay beside his left eye. Slight and agile for an Ikal’daka he steps easily in the shadows, and his lithe form fits into spaces that other might not, particularly when he doesn’t want to be found. He is certainly attractive, and he makes no attempt to hide it or show any modesty about it.

This Kal'daka is not exactly what one would expect from the proud race of Drow wolves but every family has something of a black sheep in it as well. He's terribly dirty minded and can twist any comment into something dirtier than it really is and excels at turning even the most innocent conversation into a chat about a woman's bosom. He enjoys gifts of leather and wealth in the form of gold and silver. He rarely speaks seriously, especially when asked about his emotions and those are the conversations most likely to devolve into crass jokes and inappropriate comments about bosoms. If he and his siblings were going out for drinks he would be the one to insist on garnishing his with an orange slice and an umbrella. However he, like so many others, also has a dark side. He's practical to the point of ruthlessness, and will generally approve of doing whatever it takes to gain the strongest possible allies. He may voice his disapproval of anyone who tries to help people he sees as weak but his overall opinion of a person rarely changes based on their choices and actions. He specializes in both seduction and stealth. Brash and ambitious he'll take on any challenge no matter how dangerous as long as the task will bring him unimaginable rewards. He is loyal though and once his trust is earned, he's not likely to betray those he counts as friends though he may never trust them wholly, often commenting that I have faith in my friends well enough. Faith that they will one day stab me in my back. If one had to compare him to a food, one would likely call him a deceptively spicy salsa.

Mindspeak: Bold #176105