Ialroaine | 4

Sweet and Shy Galirei Fusik

Name Meaning: Shy, easily startled; timid; drawing back from contact or familiarity with others; retiring or reserved
Bonded: 05-21-12
Bonding: An Icy Rescue Speedbonding — Grimm
Rank: Galirei
Gender: Male

He is certainly going to be a lover, not a fighter. The male is rather on the shy side, uncertain of new people, and new things, and yeah, it's going to take him some time to warm up to everyone. But once he does? He might be the sweetest boy you've ever met. Loving and caring, he is going to fuss over those that he has come to trust. He will listen to your concerns and do his utter best to make you feel better. He can be loyal to a fault, once he's decided your his. And sure, that can take some work, a lot of slow motions, sweet words, and patience, but it's worth having this boy on your side in the end. You'll be amazed, the things he'll go through, to be with you and help you.

He's always going to be on the small side, never getting much more than seven feet in length. Thin and scrawny describe him quite well — it doesn't seem to matter how much he's fed, he just isn't putting on the extra pounds or the sleek muscle. But he's healthy; his spots are large and closely clumped together and range from gray to dark gray, over a dirty-white hide.

Tell Me Of The Past Galirei Kern-tukh

Name Meaning: Lutetium, a silvery-white rare-earth element that is exceptionally difficult to separate from the other rare-earth elements
Bonded: 08-19-12
Bonding: Beach Bums — Katsumi
Rank: Galirei
Gender: Male
Heaven - The Walkmen

Classic to his rank, this boy is shy, quiet, and soft-spoken. He won't make a lot of fuss about anything, and he's always kind, no matter how rough those around him are. He's very dependent and extremely loyal, and he'll be devastated to be away from you for too long. He's got severe abandonment issues, and if he had his way, he'd sprout legs from sheer force of will and climb into your bed every night, just to be near you. Extremely affectionate, he's always nuzzling his bond, forcing himself so close that one might expect physical fusion to occur… and he'd be totally okay in that situation. Whatever you do, don't forget he's there, don't leave him alone for too long, and never assume that he'll be okay without you. It's unfortunate, and will hold you back, but the way he looks at you with unconditional love makes it absolutely worthwhile.

This is a small boy, even for his rank, and he disappears easily in the crowd, not really standing out with his pale skin. His neck, fins, and rear are covered in large, somewhat diamond-shaped spots. These splotches are lighter silver towards his head and grow to a darker more blue-gray down to his rear. His tail fin is unmarked, as is his face. He has very dark blue eyes, almost black, and they are extremely expressive. He seems almost ghost like, especially seen underwater from a distance, and unless he recognizes you, the closest you'll get to see him is to the point of barely recognizing him as an Ialroa at all.

Honeyflower Valumey Peixes

Bonded: 11-15-11
Bonding: Beached Speedbonding — Lucas
Rank: Valumey
Gender: Female
Video Challenge - Amanguchi

She's a pretty girl, enveloped mostly with light but saturated pink over a thick, blubbery hide. Her flippers arc beneath her, and she shows more strength then grace in the way she swims. There's normally a lot of energy in her movements, and her body shows this with muscles that are barely visible beneath the deep lavender spots that coat her body. Her pretty honey colored eyes are dewy with long lashes that just bat at you.

This girl is energetic. The best word to describe her following that is fun, she likes nothing more than swimming around being a bundle of joy and excitement. She's got a big imagination on her, even as an adult, and would love nothing more than to go on adventures big or small with her bonded. She's protective too, so if there's danger looming, expect her big body to be pushed between yourself and the danger. She's generally a happy-go-lucky sort, and will convey her emotions strongly and clearly, not at all afraid to hold any of that sort of thing back in front of you. Her voice is relatively low for a soprano, but high nonetheless and she tends to be rather vocal when she communicates with you, and it may seem that she completely believes that you understand every word she sings.

Come On Home Akirei Taulsu

Name Meaning: Diver, someone who dives (into water); someone who works underwater
Bonded: 09-04-13
Bonding: Sky Whales — Geoffrey
Rank: Akirei
Gender: Male
Green River — Creedence Clearwater Revival

Playful? Yeah, that pretty much sums him up. He may not have the brightest, most exciting colors, but that doesn't mean he can't be active and have fun anyway, and this social boy loves to play games. Not thinking games; he's not a big fan of chess or scrabble; but he likes physical challenges, like seeing how long he can hold his breath down to the depths, or if you'd like to help teach him tricks, he'd be more than happy to try jumping through hoops or balancing on his tail with a beach ball on his nose. Anything he's doing with people or shinies will make him happy, really, and that doesn't always have to be a thrill-seeking kind of doing. If you just want to talk to him while skipping rocks across the water, he'll splash around in the shallow water while you visit him. He knows that out there in the world you'll find more than enough trouble. Why add to it himself? When you want to go back to simpler, funner things and get away, you can always come home to walk along the beach at night with an Akirei who never grew up from boyhood memories.

His colors are quite soothing, with a very wide outline — about the size across the palm of your hand — of soft almost dusty cornflower blue in between his large smeared-looking spots of dark blue like cold, deep river water rushing by at night. He's a pretty standard size at a nice healthy seven feet when he's grown, and you'll certainly never have to worry about his weight being anything less than heavy despite all his activity, quite a smoothly round fellow even for an Ialroa. The spot-free tail that propels his husky body through the sea is very broad and powerful. He's got a lot of energy to burn up, after all, and needs the muscle to get him there. Don't mistake friendly for weak.