Born to T'Mena and Syramok in a small V'tosh ka'tur settlement several miles from the Vulcan capital of Shi'Kahr, T'Rae was an only child. T'Rae was diligent and focus in school, obviously devoted to the sciences from an early age she dove into the studies of people and animals. When she was nearly killed by her angry, hungry Sehlat she was introduced to a couple of Starfleet officers while recovering in the hospital. At this point she opted to enlist in Starfleet, much to her parents chagrin. After a falling out with her parents she packed up and boarded the off-world transport.

T'Rae flourished in the Academy, quickly bonding with T'Lara, another Vulcan there, who had completely abandoned the teachings of Surak. For the first two years of her education she had little to do, having already graduated from Vulcan schooling she knew most of what was being taught. Instead she spent a great deal of time in the library studying ancient literature, and buying any she could pick up at used bookstores. Along with T'Lara she often hung out with the andorian Johnny, the human Stevens, and most notably the Romulan Charhael, who she began a relationship with. When she graduated from the Academy with degrees in Biology and Sociology she, along with most of The Group ™, was assigned to the USS Synapta, an exploratory and first contact vessel. It was one of the proudest moments of her life.

Two years later Charhael died. T'Rae would never get over it. Though she wasn't there when he died in an ambush by Klingons, Stevens shared with the rest of the ship Charhael's last words, "Get your ass back out there." At this point several things changed. T'Rae fell deeper into her logic, Stevens went back to the Academy to take medical courses, and the relationship between Mickey and Johnny became official. Two years later Stevens was reassigned to the Synapta as chief medical officer and T'Rae was assigned Chief Science officer when the previous one died in the line of duty.

Stevens and T'Lara were wed a year later, and T'Lara gave birth to Charles Kyle Stevens, logically T'Rae was the godmother, and Johnny was made the godfather. T'Rae had grown closer to Johnny in this time, the point he could even get away with calling her RaeRae.

Six years later T'Rae found herself in a shuttlecraft orbiting an uncharted planet, the Synapta was called away by a distress call from an andorian science station, and T'Rae was left to record information and observe if the planet was inhabited, and if so if it was pre- or post-warp. It was twenty four hours later the right thruster of her shuttlecraft turned into a fish taco. Stranded on Planet, T'Rae found herself in Whazzit Weyrd. Despite her logical conclusion that the Captain would be back for her T'Rae Bonded to several of the local wildlife and made herself at home in a treehouse. She had been on Planet for several months when she bonded to the emerald dragon Ruvaiath, and this was the final nail in the decision that she would be staying in the Weyrd, whether it means leaving Starfleet or not.

She had been on Planet nearly a whole year when a need for emergency brain surgery to adjust her evolving midbrain drove her to Geoffrey Rand's doorstep, and all the ensuing consequences.