Foofi | 6

Everyone's Favorite Mascot Comet Cory

Bonded: 12-03-11
Bonding: Half Price Day Gift — Katsumi
Rank: Comet
Gender: Male

Cory is an adventurous spirit, and damn it he's going to be dragging you along with him. Partially just because he doesn’t have any hands and those tend to be useful when one is off on an adventure. And because Foofi are kind of small and not all that great at protecting themselves. But look at him, look at that face, look at those big adorable eyes, how could even think about saying no to those eyes. That's right, you can't. It's impossible. It's like he emits some sort of ridiculous cuteness aura that you can't say no to no matter how much you try. He's just a friendly, adorable, excited ball of happy that just wants to give you a hug. The only thing one could possibly find off-putting about him is that he eats. God knows where he puts it all but he can eat several times his body weight in a day, who knows where he's keeping all this appetite in his tiny little form, he doesn't mean to eat you out of house and home though, and when he give you those eyes again you'll always end up buying him more of whatever he wants.

A bit on the small side for a comet Cory is more of a dingy brown than he is actually red, though there are some streaks shot through his fur here and there of much more vibrant hues if he moves just right to show them off. While his physical size may be small he makes up for it with a ridiculous amount of fur, thick and plush and very much for petting.

Mirrors Are Stupid Planetoid Donk

Bonded: 12-03-11
Bonding: Half Price Day Redemption
Rank: Planetoid
Gender: Male

Donk is a little bit grouchy, he's kind of snappish and he doesn't seem to appreciate anything, he's generally more likely to bite the hand that feeds him than anything else. He doesn't like to be carried but gripes about being left behind, he'll eat just about anything you put in front of him but he's not going to like it, and heaven forbid you actually try to pet him or anything, it's an excellent way to get bit. He'll come around eventually though, as much as he doesn't seem to like anything he also doesn't like being alone. T'Rae will wake up one morning and there he is cuddling her, no less grouchy or picky than before but a little more likely to make a nest out of her. Or any other location he can lodge himself down in, as much as this gets him in trouble getting eaten by furniture or getting himself stuck in a pocket that he can't get out of. He's also got something of a strange obsession with mirrors, though it's hard to tell if he's running into them because he's confused or because he wants them destroyed. He tends to be pretty ticked off afterwards either way. When he does let you pet him all that aggression goes away pretty quick, and like a grouchy kitten he's not going to let you stop until he decides we're done here.

His long fur is a pale brown, interspersed with an exceeding amount of blue that almost seems to shift around as he moves. Always a little ruffled and surprisingly expressive and noisy for a foofi he's quite good at letting you know just how he feels without any sort of mental communication at all, though rest assured there's plenty of that too.

Annoying Sidekick Planetoid Puv

Name Meaning: Swollen, expanded by or as if by internal pressure; distended
Bonded: 06-18-14
Bonding: Pirate in Space — Estrella/Grimm
Rank: Planetoid
Gender: Male

He's the annoying guy of the bunch, the one that always has to get in the way of everything and doesn't seem to know what the heck he's doing at any time. He's probably just as full of righteousness as the Hero, but his beliefs don't tend to really focus on any one thing. He generally doesn't have a clue as to what he's doing or why. He's just…doing things. Important things. Tripping people up, getting locked in the freezer, having a breathtakingly harrowing fight with a down pillow. You know, things. He's obviously not the brightest bulb around, and is easily going to be used by anyone and anything that has even the slightest bit of manipulating desire. Of course, he'll probably mistakenly ruin plans and screw up important missions, so. It's going to get around pretty quick that he's practically useless. Maybe he'll be good for bait?

He's actually pretty nice looking, for a Planetoid. Sure, he's more the color of wet mud, but his blue flecks are quite large and quite bright and very sparkly. He's on the large size, better to get under people's feet and trip them up, but there is very obviously not a hint of a brain, large head-looking shiny or not. Expect his fur to be constantly dirty, because he's usually too stupid or distracted to notice he's filthy. And don't expect to get him to sit still for a bath, either. He bites, because he can.

I Know Because I Was There Planetoid Ritrau

Name Meaning: Dishonest
Bonded: 02-09-12
Bonding: Cluefi — Geoffrey
Rank: Planetoid
Gender: Male

At a glance, there's nothing particularly outstanding about this Planetoid. He's very average in size and weight, perfectly unassuming, even with the somewhat unusual color of fur. His drab brown coat has been darkened immensely compared to the typical example of his rank, but it's the blue specks that really stand out. They are an extremely dark shade of midnight, appearing black except for when light strikes it right and you can see it's actually a very deep shade of glossy blue. The first themselves are very short and dense, fuzzy more than furry, with no need to worry about ever having to take care of grooming this fellow like some of his friends — he always keeps up an impeccable appearance all on his own.

There's a lot he does on his own actually, he's highly self-sufficient fellow with extremely sharp brain and a lots of wit. You'll find he's got a very peculiar dry sense of humour when he's around. He's a schemer, this one, and extremely good at it, although you'd never catch him as minion to a Void; you're much more likely to find things the other way around. There's no reason he can't be the one on top, after all. He never breaks the rules, you see, he knows them inside and out, better than half the lawyers on Planet do, if Planet had lawyers. That makes him all the better at doing every little loophole, every little thing he can get away with, and whether his bonded intends to or not, they will inevitably end up as a pawn in one or more of his master plans. What those plans are, exactly, only he knows, although there's an occasionally sinister air about him that makes it clear whatever they are, they probably aren't good…

Kaaaaaaahn Planetoid Tefuk

Name Meaning: Delivery, the act of delivering or distributing something (as goods or mail); the act of delivering a child; the voluntary transfer of something (title or possession) from one party to another
Bonded: 11-05-12
Bonding: Trouble with Foofi — Meliai
Rank: Planetoid
Gender: Male

Two things you need to know. One: he's absurdly enthusiastic. Two: you need to give him something to do to channel this enthusiasm otherwise he will channel it himself and you will probably not like it.

Maybe He Was Poisoned Asteroid Nisau

Name Meaning: Analyse, to examine methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations
Bonded: 02-03-12
Bonding: Cluefi — Geoffrey
Rank: Asteroid
Gender: Female

As far as Asteroids go, this one really isn't much to look at, lacking the gloss that many have as well as being a particularly dull shade of grey without any hint of metallic at all. Her only unique feature is the color of her fur, which has a distinct bit of drab violet mixed in underneath, giving her grey a definite tinge more like purple taupe. Still, it's not exactly attention-getting, that works well for her, being small and unobtrusive is her thing, and if her coloring helps her go unnoticed, so much the better. Her medium length furs are quite fuzzy, and no matter how much you pressure, it will never all gone quite the same direction, giving her a bit of a just-out-of-bed look no matter what time of day it is. All around, she appears to be fairly unexceptional — exceptionally unexceptional, even.

Personalitywise, for the most part she seems pretty unexceptional as well. She has a habit of just watching what's going on, eyes darting around and following everything with a keen sense of observation accompanied by a widespread sense of paranoia just below the surface. If asked, she's certainly ready to lay out the details of her professional opinion on any living being, although she rarely speaks up on her own other than a visual quip here or there. Analyzing others is her special area of interest, and she's actually quite good at it, when she has her own head on straight. See, whenever she gets hungry, it has the unfortunate effect of exaggerating her naturally suspicious nature, and she will snap and growled and spout conspiracy theories all over the place, to the point of being self-defeating and declaring everything you try to feed her has been poisoned and you have to taste test it all for her first before she shall take a single nibble. Regardless, when she's behaving she certainly a valuable asset to have around for her insight.