Flamma | 4

Released Sins Spina Nahr

Name Meaning: Discipline, generic term for training expected to produce a specific character or pattern of behavior, especially training that produces moral or mental improvement
Bonded: 06-08-12
Bonding: Cleanliness - Gatsby
Rank: Spina
Gender: Female

A self-proclaimed pacifist, she refused to participate in the ritualistic murder of her darkest sibling, refuses to touch anything that can be an instrument of war. Her tongue, however, seems to have escaped this, as her words are sharp. They way she shoves her peace on others can be particularly violent, as oxymoronic as that is. Do not harm is her highest commandment, followed by: do not lie, do not steal, do not overindulge, do not be greedy. Instead, she must be clean and be content. She must be self-disciplined and study. She must also surrender herself to Our Lady, which she does like clockwork every morning and every night. It’s this routine as well as her rigid beliefs that have gotten her this high up in the reincarnation cycle. Yes, she believes in reincarnation. She also believes that all the splotches on her body are representative of sins she must yet atone for before she is able to be born a Dea. And it is only after that may she be able to break free of earthly life to reside with Our Lady for eternity.

Like the sky, the oceans, the rivers, and the lakes, a cool blue wraps up this Spina from her head to her hooves. And that’s a long way, rest assured. She’s a lanky thing, all legs that seem to stretch on forever though she isn’t all that much taller than the average for her rank. She appears much taller than she is, perhaps through the strange grace her too long limbs carry her with or the confidant way she lifts her head up. Her expressions are just as carefully controlled as every movement of her limber body. It’s thanks to a rigorous schedule of meditation that would be most closely compared with some form of yoga. It’s this discipline and self-deprivation that has the number of saffron hued splotches over her hips down to so few.

Mindspeak: Italic #52AFBA

The Bringer of Death Spina Rishan

Name Meaning: The act or process of Surviving.
Bonded: 11-12-10
Bonding: The End of the World - Geoffrey
Rank: Spina
Gender: Female

This is small, even for a common rank, but size can deceptive. This yellow-spotted lavender female is often shunned, for her very body trembles often when she feels the temptation to obey Our Lady's command and kill the impure ones. And kill she does, her slight stature belying a vicious strength and speed along with an efficient sense of coordination, making her perhaps even more deadly than her Bringer of War sibling.

To express her devotion to Our Lady, this death-reaper follows the belief that simply purging and shunning the Dark One from a group is not enough. Only a complete purgation will appease her, by way of ending life. She is a fanatic about this particular point, though surprisingly lenient on all other of Her laws. Her devotion is flawed by an undesirable and conflicting throb of pity for those who were not born in the light of Our Lady, prompting her to pray fervently for their souls and for Our Lady to forgive this blemish on her own.

Mindspeak: #CCAADD

The Bringer of Tides Spina Talal

Name Meaning: The act of finding, an unexpected, valuable discovery.
Bonded: 12-07-10
Bonding: The End of the World - Geoffrey
Rank: Spina
Gender: Female

This one is a fraternal twin to the Bringer of Heaven Pavo. They share colours though in differing amounts, with this Spina's light mostly clear blue and splotched rather than equally spread with a lighter shade of turquoise. Her physique is notably average, particularly when seen with her Lordly brothers, but what she lacks in size or strength she makes up for with an impenetrable mind couple with a penetrating gaze.

To express her devotion to Our Lady, this tide-mover meditates in front of water only and never fire, as a sign of humility and unworthiness of the blessings of Her greatness. She participates in cleansing rituals of her own volition, as after all an ephemeral being technically has no physical body that must be washed clean, but she wishes to signify her baseness through this material act. She is a sincere disciple, and practices temperance in all ways. Her devotion is flawed by her tendency to become furiously riled at any sign or spoken word against Our Lady.

Mindspeak: #339999

Watched By Ducks Columba Antidea

Bonded: 10-31-10
Bonding: They Did The Mash - BPSP Redeemed
Rank: Columba
Gender: Male

This poor little Columba is under the impression that Our Lady is actually a duck. How he came by this idea no one can quite say, this is just what he's always thought. The Lady is a duck and ducks are her chosen children. It is the job of the ducks to watch all Flamma and report their actions back to the Lady, for no Flamma who walks Planet is pure enough for the Lady to look on personally. Because of this Antidea is perpetually afraid of the ducks finding him, and if he sees so much as a set of beady eyes he will disappear into the nearest hiding place.

He also has a very distinct stutter.

For a Columba, Antidea is particularly bright. His purely yellow coat can blind anyone if they stare directly at him for too long. He is a very leggy and tall, making it somewhat difficult for him to hide. Not that this has ever stopped him though.

Mindspeak: #FFE303