Cracklings | 2

The Lights That Stop Me Male Huhk

Name Meaning: Hiccup/hiccough, a spasm of the diaphragm resulting in a rapid, involuntary inhalation that is stopped by the sudden closure of the glottis
Bonded: 07-24-12
Bonding: Show The Light — Geoffrey
Rank: Male
Gender: Male

This tangelo orange male's definitely an eye-catching one, although unlike his bright or bold siblings, it's mostly because he's just kind of weird. He prefers the form of fish fireworks, his sparks squiggling around in random directions and swimming about through the air arbitrarily, similar to the way he himself moves with sudden stops and abrupt changes of directions. His light is definitely as eccentric as it is electric. Good luck figuring out what he's doing or thinking, as if Cracklings weren't impossible to fathom in the first place. He has a weird habit of freezing when a bright light is shined on him before going back to… whatever it is he does.

Jungle Green Male Crackling Nirak

Name Meanings: Nirak is the Old Vulcan Fool God
Bonded: 8-02-09
Bonding: Fireworks! [Bang!] — Maeko
Rank: Male
Gender: Male

Nirak likes to have fun, he's almost perpetually excited and enjoys a good dance party.

Nirak is Jungle Green. He looks like a crackling.