Blazemounts | 3

Raising the Moon Wind Luna

Bonded: 07-12-11
Bonding: Friendship Is Magic — BPSP Redeemed
Rank: Wind
Gender: Female

The darkest and smallest sibling Luna keeps her distance from the rest of her siblings, and they don't seem to go to any lengths to include her. Ashamed about something she hangs behind, and when associating with any of her siblings she is lurking in the shadow of her Raising the Sun twin sister. For despite Luna being shorter and darker, they share the same body structure and are the same age to be twins. A quiet and shy little girl it is easy to overlook her, and the permanently sad look on her face makes you just want to give her a hug. She would love a little attention, but she's afraid to ask for any.

Her grey hide is so dark as to almost be black, and only gets that iconic silver sheen when she stands in the right light. Her pitch black mane has an almost purple tint at the very edges and flows gracefully behind her just like her Sun sister. Also similar to her Sun twin she has a silver chain gracing her neck, and no interest in getting rid of it. Her eyes are pale, almost-white cyan and seem to have a permanent sadness in them. It's okay little girl, T'Rae will take care of you.

Better Hold On Tight Aether Hertak

Name Meaning: Baffle, to be a mystery or bewildering to; to hinder or prevent (the efforts, plans, or desires) of
Bonded: 11-10-13
Bonding: In A Blaze of Glory — Geoffrey
Rank: Aether
Gender: Female
Song: Mystery Train - Bon Jovi

Trying to make sense of her might make your head hurt, but it's worth it. Some days she'll be sweet and meek, some days she'll be reckless and bitter at the world, and no matter which way she feels like acting she'll never apologize for it, but she'll always make it better afterwards. And when she gives you look like she hates you more than flies she can't quite reach on her back, she doesn't truly hate you. She doesn't have hate anywhere inside her. Who knows what is inside her though, because sometimes she just doesn't make sense. This Aether will rear and throw you off because she's happy to be out riding with you, or refuse to eat a carrot you brought her because she's remembering a time she made you sad last month. You never quite know where you're going to get from her, but there's something wonderful about the fact that underneath all that unpredictability is somebody who's got a reliable soft spot for you. Yes, even when she seems to be cursing you out like a salty sea horse. And hey, you know nothing will ever be the same once you have her around.

No particularly specific clear pattern dominates her body. Light orchid overo spotting is framed by a delicate shade of opera mauve, and an even lighter, incredibly soft lavender is spilled in an irregular blaze on her long face. Like her personality, though, there doesn't appear to be any solid rhyme or reason to figuring out where the spots have chosen to appear or not on any part of her. Light lavender has also coated the rear right boot, because why not? Sea green and jade spread out in her mane along with various pale shades of purple like her body, while her tail is a mingling of the same tones with a slight extra tint of blue added to all of them. We wouldn't be too surprised if you wake up one week and it's completely different colors of black and teal and azure however, considering the horse the fires grow from.

Ain't Nothing We Can't Do Glade Besu

Name Meaning: Companion, a person who is frequently in the company of another; a traveler who accompanies you
Bonded: 11-10-13
Bonding: In A Blaze of Glory — Geoffrey
Rank: Glade
Gender: Male
Song: With These Two Hands - Bon Jovi

The Glade is your stereotypical Glade in many ways. He's nothing short of friendly, completely at ease no matter who he is around, and as one of the more intelligent and the heard. He's also all too eager to put that intelligence up against any challenges you have and is perhaps one of the most actively willing to be trained out of all of them. It doesn't seem that he has a bad bone in his body, he just wants to have a good time and help everybody else have a good time, firmly believing that more people can always accomplish more than one person – or horse – on their own. Whatever it is you want him to do, so long as he's convinced it's for the sake of helping you, and so long as it doesn't involve hurting someone who would deserve it, he wants to do anything he can for you. He'll help you reach all your dreams and make them true. Between the two of you, there's nothing you can't do. Even if you have built up walls, he can tear them down, can build bridges where you burned them in the past. He's here for you and hopefully you're here for him, friends every day until the end, and until that end the pair of you are going to do wonders and make the world so much better.

Soft mint covers a lean, angular body. His sharply chiseled face may not be particularly pretty to some people, but he's not worried about that, the twinkle in his eyes saying it all that nothing's going to get him down. A partial appaloosa style blanket adds some variety to his hair in a tint of even paler spring green draped over him leaving spots for the mint to peek through. Blues, yellows, crossing over greens, and white all bloom brightly in his mane as was his tail, all of the colors staying in the lighter end of things.