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Is there anyone you wish would just fall off the face of Planet?

The PIF. Occasionally Geoffrey.

Can you read? If so, what's your particular reading fancy?

Yes I can read. Mostly I read science journals. Though at one point Charhael introduced me to dime store romance and sci-fi novels,

Do you believe there's something beyond the PIF?

There are lots of things beyond the PIF. If in fact the PIF is, as the name suggests, a field surrounding Planet there is in entire universe beyond the PIF. Perhaps I do not understand the nature of your question.

What are your nervous habits?

I am not proud to admit it, but I do fiddle with my hair or sleeves when confronted with a situation I find unpleasant.

Do you read the daily newspaper?

I was not under the impression the Weyrd had a daily newspaper. Now that I am aware I will have to purchase a subscription, yes.

What colour are your bedroom walls?

Wood, specifically redwood or a close Planet approximation. I have not had the opportunity to paint them since the construction of my treehouse.

If you have an office, how is it decorated?

My office is the remains of the shuttlecraft I originally landed here on. It is fairly plain and full of computer parts. My dinning room also contains various print-outs of my Data for easy viewing purposes.

What's your favorite food? Omnomnom, food.

Good Plomeek and my mother ch'aal tea.

What do you think your vices and virtues are?

As all children of Surak's teachings I strive for balance, and while I do succeed, I also fail. Though I often find myself far to fidgety.