Arathlial | 4

The Tiger Mom South Akraana

Name Meaning: Ancient warrior goddess; consort of Khosarr
Bonded: 12-25-12
Bonding: Christmas Gift 2012 — Geoffrey
Rank: South
Gender: Female

Smaller than the Lords, she's still no pushover, distinctly larger than any Mistral or Tempest below her, her body heavy and her wings broad. Bright black is draped over her head and her back in a cape, and leaks down the underside of her wings and down her chest and belly to form Tiger like stripes over their base of a brilliant neon green. Her eyes are not quite as light, though they are a sparkling green of their own, closer to that of the pines and evergreens her species soars above.

You only thought you knew what a fierce and protective South looked like before you met Akraana. She's borderline cruel, some would say, demanding 150% perfection from her children, which includes T'Rae now that the matriarch has established herself in her bond's house. What does that mean? It means she's not afraid to trash your garden if you didn't make the rows perfectly even and force you to do it all over again. It means waking up before the crack of dawn to study and not being allowed to go to sleep until you can recite the day's text from memory forward and backwards. It means never receiving a compliment, but lots of degradation and vicious demands to know what you're doing with your life if you fail to be anything less than the best. Of course, all of this comes out of an extremely intense concern that her children do well, and as part of that she'll not think twice about lashing out at anyone who speaks about her family. Including her family. You will uphold your honour and her own, or you will regret it. She will not suffer her brood to be anything less than the best she knows they can and will be.

Mindspeak: Bold #00D100

Unforgettable Moment South Kalina

You see the smile that's on my mouth…

Bonded: 11-07-10
Bonding: Absolution — Maeko
Rank: South
Gender: Female
Bell: Belgaer
Song: The Story -- Brandi Carlile

Voice: Her voice is light and ticklish, like a ladybug ambling down your forearm. It's quite informative and rarely harsh, and understanding and enthusiasm bubbling beneath the surface. Genuine interest reflects her thirst for knowledge, and her story-telling capabilities include superior control over vocal inflections and accents. Her own natural speech is something akin to Australian.

Personality: She is much quieter than the Concierge though her intellect manifests in a similar way. Rather than manipulating those around her, she simply hangs about them without any desire to interrupt. Some would call her shy and indeed she is, but she is happy to be the observer sitting on the sidelines, a diligent keeper of memories. Any secrets told to her will be taken to the grave, but she is a wonderful storyteller as she has learned many from those she meets in her travels. While she never says much, she knows the right question or word to say to get people talking. Ask her about her own life and she will clam up right away. Call her boring, but she is gentle and lovable, even if she is so reserved that she will never share her own dreams and adventures with any but her bonded.

Appearance: Kalina is more than capable for a South. She can Twister as well as the higher ranks, and her mastery over wind manipulation is rather amazing. In terms of size she fits into average for her rank, though she is quite a fine creature to lay eyes on! Taking on the form of a Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle, she is an intriguing combination of black and green. Black slips over her back and head, giving her a pleasant hood to show off the vibrancy of er greens. It resurfaces upon her wings and tail feathers, darkest at the edges with very fine dapples that give her a blended transition from dark to light. Rich emerald picks up here, and as it moves closer to her body it shifts to brighter and brighter shades of green until her stomach, which is a pale shamrock. Her talons are a rich gold, a fine match for her sharp, steady eyes.

Jade Eagle

Mindspeak: 7cfc00

…It's hiding the words that don't come out.

This Tornado Loves You Tempest Koh-nar

Name Meaning: The feeling of being completely exposed in some manner
Bonded: 8-16-11
Bonding: Easter Island — Geoffrey
Rank: Tempest
Gender: Male

Song || This Tornado Loves You
Image || Crowned Eagle
Mindspeak || ITALIC #9966CC

I have waited with a glacier's patience
Smashed every transformer with every trailer
'Til nothing was standing 65 miles wide.
Still you are nowhere
Still you are nowhere
Nowhere in sight
Come out to meet me, run out to meet me.
Come into the light

Everything about this fellow is nothing short of a whirlwind, from his emotions to his behavior to the effect he has on everyone around him. He is a testament to the true spirit of the Tempest, the embodiment of a natural disaster, and every moment is lift with an almost impossible amount of energy, devotion, and power. He cannot contain his own wildness, and could easily destroy everything he looks at from sheer overwhelming intensity of everything he feels. Like all natural disasters and catastrophes, however, he is completely dispassionate about the damage that he does, neither intending it or doing anything to curb it. It simply is the way he is, and it would be as ridiculous to attempt to rein him in as it would be to put a bridle on a tornado. At the same time, he will push his bond to join him, to feel the freedom of feeling everything to its absolute extreme, for beneath all, his heart means well, and he only twisters was such sickening suddenness and flies with such ripping speed because he doesn't know how else to express the painful longing to share this glorious intensity with his bond. He would destroy the world to show his passion, and will if he's allowed to, and it's impossible to hold it against him because that simply the nature of wild nature.

Climb the boxcars to the engine
Through the smoke and to the sky
Your rails have always outrun mine
So I picked them up and crashed them down
In a moment close to now.
'Cause I miss, I miss, I miss…
How you'd sigh yourself to sleep
When I'd wrack the springtime across your sheets

True to form, this Tempest is a terrible storm. His feathers are slightly ragged at the ends, and always ruffled at odd angles, hardly ever perfectly in place, so that it always appears he has just come straight out of a disaster. Though small, for an Arathli, he is defined by sharp edges and jagged lines all over, to the point where wouldn't be surprising to find out he had once gotten in a fight with a Requia, or was even part Requia himself, were it not for his more pure personality. His colour scheme is completely grayscale, pale silver spotted over and striped with darker greys that stray from the color of light rainclouds to a nearly black catastrophic thunderhead. The only hint of color anywhere on him is where the grey bleeds into the faintest, peculiar lavender taupe, like the background to a lightning flash at night. Even his eyes like color, a piercing metallic grey was pitch black rims and the same pitch black beak.

My love I am the speed of sound.
I left them motherless, fatherless.
Their souls dangling inside out from there mouths.
But it's never enough.
I want you…

This tornado loves you
What will make you believe me?

Director of First Impressions Zephyr Arathli Tam'a

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.

Name Meaning: Spirit, the vital principle or animating force within living beings; incorporeal consciousness; a being inhabiting or embodying a particular place, object, or natural phenomenon
Bonded: 03-25-12
Bonding: A-Maze-ing — Grimm/Kythen
Rank: Zephyr
Gender: Female

Appearance: A gold so bright she almost seems to glow, this Zephyr is always a spot of brightness in any situation. With a body shape and coloring most closely resembling that of a steppe eagle, this Zephyr is a small yet well built creature. Her primary color is bright gold over her head and back, down to the base of her tail and along her marginal covert feathers of her wings. Her primary and secondary coverts are a deeper and slightly darker gold color and each one is tipped in white. Her primary and secondary feathers are the same darker gold color as well. Her tails is much the same as her wings, starting off white where it meets her body but being mostly that same darker color as her primary and secondary wing feathers. Her beak and talons are a near red in color and her eyes are a deep brown.

Personality: Everyone knows the old saying that first impressions are everything, that you should always seek to make a good first impression on those around you and that whole spiel. But even from a young age, this Zephyr knew that first impressions were often lies. No one acted themselves when they were trying to make a good first impression. Everyone tried to put on a good face and make others like them. But she is nothing like that. She'll be straightforward and direct with everyone she meets and screw first impressions. It's not that she's mean or a horrible bird or anything of the sort. But she's going to tell it like it is and not worry what people think of her no matter what. If people don't like it then that's too damn bad. She's not going to cater to the whims of those few that disapprove of this or that because if she did that then she'd spend her whole life trying to make everyone else happy. She's most attracted to like-minded individuals that just don't give a snuff what others think of them and she will encourage people to just be themselves and not worry about what others think or about making a good first impression. Just make a true one and face whatever is to come with your head held high and knowing that those that stand with you are there because they know the true you, not some facade that you think is what the world wants to see from you.

Mindspeak: Bold #FFD700