Alunas | 3

Hanging Onto Life Female Rislaya

Previously: Infected Female
Name Meaning: Contamination, the act of contaminating or polluting; including (either intentionally or accidentally) unwanted substances or factors
Bonded: 09-27-11
Bonding: Zombies - Lucas
Gender: Female

Struggle and hurt and pain. This Female seems to have some sort of streak for it, and she doesn't ask for it at all. She doesn't ask to get this attention, doesn't ask to be different, and yet even when she gets to flutter in the spotlight, she's never the most extraordinary. And while a part of her appreciates this, a part of her wants to just blend in with the crowd, another part of her wishes that something that she could stand out in, she could truly stand out in. The pains and the aches from Zombies will never leave her, her body will remained scarred and ruined, and she will have to struggle every day to fight for normalcy. Her battle against the infection was not quite so difficult as her sister's, but something about this female sort of wished that if she were to get the negatives, get the bad, then perhaps, she could have gotten the shorter end of the stick so that she could have been cared for so particularly. She hates this sort of subtle jealousy, but she sometimes so desires to be at the center. She find a connection with T'Rae, she doesn't know what she wants, she doesn't know what she is, somewhere caught between a predatory threat and fleeing prey, and whether it's to blend in or stand out, most of her just wants to be able to figure out what exactly it is that she wants.

Her fur takes on the palest of pinks, with thick swirls of a darker, lovely shade of salmon-pink. Her body, however, is littered with wounds. A chunk of her left shoulder has been bitten off, and is now an open, bleeding wound, with no fur on it, which will probably scar and leave her bare in the area. Her belly towards the left side have two slash marks, side by side, where she had been attacked. A chunk of her tail is missing, and a piece of her face has been ripped at on the right side around her cheek, leaving her pale fur pooling with blood. The large gash on her left wing, which is normally pale pink outlined with the salmon-pink, makes it a wonder that she can stay up in the air. Her eyes, dull and tearing, are currently blood red in color. Their actual color must have been some sort of pretty shade of sea green, as bits of it can be seen.

This female is not at all in good shape. The Infection had already started to take a toll on her body, and while the virus had saved her life from her near-fatal wounds, she continues to struggle between the instinct that has started to creep into her mind and the life-saving antidote that has been injected into her blood thanks to her brothers. She cannot fight, and she barely teeters on her wings in the air.

Pocket Protector Male Saizhiv

Name Meaning: Lint, clinging bits of fiber and fluff; fuzz; the mass of soft fibers surrounding the seeds of unginned cotton
Bonded: 12-01-12
Bonding: Half Price Day Raffle Prize
Rank: Male
Gender: Male

Quiet and introverted Saizhiv isn't a very social kind of Aluna. He doesn't really mind being around people, at least so long as he doesn't have to directly interact with them at all. No thank you he's quite content to just hang out in T'Rae's pocket and watch the world from there, nice and cozy warm. A rather content little guy he doesn't ask for much, a warm place to be and maybe a little bit of contact if you don't mind, but he'd much rather be adjacent to any real socialization rather than directly involved in it. So Saizhiv generally prefers to take up residence in T'Rae's pocket and rather contently defend that little nest of his. Okay so maybe that's not exactly what happens, and more often T'Rae will use him as a hand warmer, but hey, it's still a win-win situation. And hey, maybe he's not the bravest Aluna ever, but if someone tries to pickpocket her he's still got teeth, after all.

It wouldn't be too hard to mistake this guy for a common gerbil, he's not very colorful, after all. Of course the wings prove otherwise, but even those are mostly kept tucked close to his body. Mostly grey in color it wouldn't be too difficult to mistake this guy for a particularly large collection of pocket lint, the way his fur is always ruffled from crawling through tight spaces where he doesn't quite fit. Mottled shades of grey, vaguely tinted with hints of blue and black that's it's really hard to tell whether it's fur or legitimate pocket lint that just happened to get caught. His wings are as equally ruffled as his body, and it's almost a wonder he can fly at all considering how disheveled they are. What flight he does manage isn't exactly coordinated, he's kind of awkward and generally a little bit wobbly as a consequence, which is why he prefers to catch a ride rather than do any navigating himself.

Don't Touch Me I'm Big Male Vuzh

Name Meaning: Smoke, the vaporous system made up of small particles of carbonaceous matter in the air, resulting mainly from the burning of organic material (noun)
Bonded: 12-14-13
Bonding: Daily Christmas Advent 2013
Rank: Male
Gender: Male

Quite the ferocious Aluna, or at least he likes to think that he is. He tries very hard to be, poofing himself up as big as he can and chattering his teeth at you, but it's entirely unrealistic. Considering he's about half the size of your palm it's really hard to believe that he's a threat, but it doesn't put a damper on him. After all, sharp 'luna teeth in your toes hurts the most when you're least expecting it. As much as he may think that he's a wildfire, a ferocious force to be reckoned with, he is really little more than the puff of smoke from your kitchen fire. Though in a much more snuggly form, since when he's not attempt to intimidate anything he finds a threat he's often curled up by the fireplace or snuggled in the fur of something that really is big, her prefers to nest with equals, after all.

A puff of ash and the lingering embers of a fire form the fur of this little flying rodent, soft and warm to touch its plus had unkempt black fur does help it in one key manner, he does look bigger than he really is. Though if you wrap your hand around him firmly he's really rather small beneath all that puff. If you did manage to comb out his regal mane you would find it has a red sheen to it, tiny shocks of ember embedded into him to offer brief flashes of warmth, and matching gradient of his wings, starting smokey black at his shoulders and sweeping out into bright red at the tips.