Ailoa | 5

Nothin' But Bad News Catahoula Anisah

Bonded: 12-03-11
Bonding: Half Price Day Gift — Altair
Rank: Catahoula
Gender: Female
Song: Girls Freak Me Out - The Summer Set

Well, Daddy's little girl knows how to party,
She's singing "Pour some sugar on me"
She's well-versed in the new pop culture,
Always rolls with a camera by her side
Well, some girls just freak me out…

Need someone to organize that oh-so-awesome party you want to throw the moment your parents leave the house? She's your girl. Want advice on the best mixed drinks in town? Look no further. This Catahoula is the best little party girl that you'll ever come across, and she can manage to be the naughtiest of all your shinies while giving you a bright and innocent smile. What? No, of course all those kids passed out in the yard aren't her friends. Why would you ever think that? To top it off, she's always on top of things going on with the trends; you better believe she's got you dressed in the latest fashions before they hit the stores. She's fabulous, darling, and she knows just what to do to bring out your wild side out. The odd thing about her is that no matter where she goes, she always seems to gather some sort of paparazzi; there's always at least one shiny trying to get pictures of her. But she can't help it. She's just that awesome. ;3

She's the sweetest, the sweetest thing,
But I know she's no good for me

She's…little. Not the leggiest of Ailoa, nor is she the tallest. Anisah is just herself; a petite little package with a lot of personality crammed inside. Her coat is a bit more of a brighter orange than what her rank are known for, with paws dipped in a nearly electric looking orange shade. The color 'bubbles' up towards the rest of her body, which is high-lighted by barely noticable penny-sized spots of yellow to accent them. Her mane is a richer shade of orange, streaked through with extremely thin highlights of blonde that tips out her flirty bangs nicely. Her eyes are a crisp pumpkin hue, rimmed with a darker form of the color like eye-liner. The rest of her mane spills over the side of her neck in flowing locks, and her true marking can be found on the inside of her right thigh; a brilliant tribal looking sun with a…is that a shot glass in the middle of it?
Baby, I'm nothin' but bad news!

Mindspeak: Bold #C76000

The Grogoch, Catahoula Ailoa Deseyr

Bonded: 11-03-11
Bonding: Samhain — Maeko
Rank: Catahoula
Gender: Female

Oh suuuure, you've never heard of a female Grogoch. That's really a shame, seeing as she is so unique and rare. All she requires is a little bit of cream and she'll happily tag along wherever you want. This Catahoula is quite social and selfless, helping out anyone that she deems needs it (although, she may not come to your aid if she doesn't like you for one reason or another). Don't get too close, however- she is incredibly defensive of her bonded, and may attack anyone that's not a part of her family. As a side note, she's also terrified of clergyman, and will blatantly refuse to enter into a religious home or building.

In terms of looks, she's something of an oddball, more of an Aidi than she is any proper rank of Ailoa. She'll happily get dirty exploring a cave or sleeping in a hole in the middle of winter. Temperature and cleanliness don't matter much to her, although she does clean up nicely. Once the grim and sticks have been untangled from her fur, she's an elegant little creature. Her pelt is a light, light orange laid over by a patchwork of dark and bright reds. Her left eye is covered by a cherry-red heart, the one describable mark on her body. Her blonde bangs are always parted to one side and her mane falls gracefully in similar fashion, and the fur around the base of her feet tends to be rather feathery, unless a bond has pity on her and decides to keep it trimmed for want of not inducing tangles.

Mindspeak: Bold Italic #9D0B00

Cute Catch Catahoula Lily

Bonded: 08-29-11
Bonding: Revelation — Maeko
Rank: Catahoula
Gender: Female
Inspired By: Lily Aldrin from How I Met Your Mother

Awww, what an adorable Catahoula! She’s spunky and full of life and energy, always curious but never obnoxiously so. That’s because she can read people like a book. She will dutifully spend enough time around her close friends to be able to pick up on all those little gestures and movements that you don’t realize you are making. There’s nothing she can’t figure out if she puts her mind to it, and she will wear you down with the stare of a teacher that knows you cheated on your test, it’s just a matter of figuring out the punishment now. Excitable and friendly, she’s not the brightest but can keep everybody in line with her cheery demeanor and everyone’s fear that she will be a terrible monster if ever angered. She appreciates the finer things in life but enjoys just having fun. Make sure you have time for her though- she’ll be happy to do what you want to do, but if you don’t give her a chance to do what she likes then doom will be upon you. She’ll entertain herself and that may involve running out and buying Scotch with you money and getting all your shinies drunk and have them perform a Midsummer’s Night Dream in your best clothes. But it would never come to that, right? Not with her sweet smile!

The Laika’s “Lilypad”, she is an absolute sweetheart. She’s at just the average height for her species and is a perfect weight. Yes, she watches what she eats, but she’s not afraid to skip a jog for a day to indulge in some amazing soup. She’s a beautiful off-white instead of the typical oranges and yellows that you find on most of her rank, with barely visible splashes of some faded lemon yellows around her paws and snout. Her mane and tail are a cheerful orange and very well-maintained, soft to the touch and never seeming to frizz. Her eyes are a hazel filled with all the patience of a school teacher, but with quite the flair for mischief.

Mindspeak: Bold FF4500

The One With Two Heads Catahoula Rin

Bonded: 10-07-11
Bonding: Dark Woods Circus Speedbonding — Altair
Rank: Catahoula
Gender: Female
Based On: Rin Kagamine (Left)

Out of the four, it seems as if this lovely femme was the least affected by the circus. Not even when she had been one with her twin brother had she looked at the darker side of life, and she was more than happy to push them forward; to live like they were free. She's definitely the one who keeps them in one piece, and one can expect her to carry this on to her bonded as well. She's a bit of a free spirit, doing what she loves when she likes to, but she'll never say no to snuggling by your side. Like the others, she seems to have a healthy love of bursting into song as random times, but with a sweet voice like hers, it's doubtful you'll ever complain. And yes, she does know how to keep quiet at night. When around her brother, you can really see the fire she has for life and her protectiveness over him as well. They like to sing duets for their bonds, and she may even try to get her bond to join in whenever possible.

Oddly enough, this female is around the exact same height as her twin, though she's definitely more slender than he is. Her coat is a light orange shade with the faintest touch of gold to it, which makes her bright seagreen-teal colored eyes stand out. Her mane is a similar shade of orange, though it's a touch lighter and flops to either side of her face. It's a cute look on her, but she wouldn't say no to a cute hairpin or something to keep it out of her eyes. Her rank-marking is a sun across her chest, though she has a lemon colored splotch across her flank. If you take a closer glance at it (especially when she's around her brother), you'll see that it takes on the same shape as his flower… Though it's definitely a lot vague-er in it's shape and smeared a tiny bit. Despite escaping the circus, the female still has the scar that runs from her neck down to her tail. It's not as ugly as it was before and has definitely smoothed quite a bit, but the pink-ness of it is still very much apparent. It doesn't bother her, so it doesn't really matter.

Mindspeak: Bold FFE14A Voice

Reason in Madness Azawakh Francine

Bonded: 03-10-14
Bonding: Great Minds — Geoffrey
Rank: Azawakh
Gender: Female

Influenced by the teachings of Friedrich Nietzsche

Contrary to expectation, you at first might not think that there is anything in any particular order to the way this Azawakh goes about things. She is an intensely passionate creature, devoting herself fully to the study of ideas and the expression of them, thinking her as much a master of the academic as the arts. There is always, always some reason in madness, however, and in watching her dance you can see her trying to understand the body in motion, and in the mess of her study area you will find she knows exactly where every, single, thing is that she needs to find. In a way, the system she adheres to is a strong system of no system whatsoever, revolting against rigid rules and believing in the ability of the mind to overcome such things.

At first blush, you might think there's no particular logic behind her markings, a bold crimson girl with rich deeper red tiger striping, the bands weaving around her body in pointless trails until they disappeared among spiralled patterns, varying in thickness thinner and fatter throughout. A careful eye, or someone with too much time on their hands, will uncover the truth however: she has a mathematically perfect fur coat. Every single spiral is a perfect logarithmic marking, including a great number of golden spirals (mathematically speaking) among the designs. She is a nimble creature, long of leg with unfathomable balance, making her quite the graceful dancer, and she does often show a talent for it, among other arts.

Mindspeak: Italic #EE0000